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Winners of Spiritus Giveaway

Hey guys! Here are the winners of the Spiritus giveaway that I had on my blog! It ended a few days ago so I'm really sorry this is so late! I've been so caught up in school, I barely had the time to sleep, let alone use the computer!


For the 4 random copies, we have....

Jude Henderson!
Charlotte Black
Raluca Maria

And for the best comment, we have...

Marla Calalo (blanshire)

Thanks everyone who participated in the giveaway! It doesn't matter if you didn't win, I'm sure you'll win other giveaways! :D Keep on loving to read! :) And for those who won, congrats! :)

Oh and here's the link to the post!

Thanks guys! :D

See you soon:)

And thanks Dana for working with me on this:) You're awesome! :)


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