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Blog Tour: A Little Sumthin Sumthin by Imani True - Excerpt

Hey guys! Welcome to today's blog tour! A Little Sumthin Sumthin is a Contemporary Romantic Drama/Suspense with about 212 pages/37,500 words! Today, I'll be doing a book feature so yep, without further ado, just read on and enjoy! :)

A Little Sumthin Sumthin by Imani True

How do you start over when you never thought you’d have to?

Fatimah Briggs is tired of the games, tired of the lies.

Tired of her husband.

Malcolm has spent his entire marriage thinking only of himself and getting “a little sumthin sumthin” on the side. Plus, when he’s angry, he lashes out at the one person who’s always believed in him, even when it tore her heart to pieces. But after one confrontation too many, Fatimah decides that enough is enough. When her bruises heal, she refuses to return home, choosing instead to start a new life without Malcolm.

Enter Xiomara, Fatimah’s sexy new boss who wants so much more. That’s when Fatimah is forced to face some truths of her own, and finally take charge of the situation.

But more than a few people aren’t going to like the ‘new and improved’ Fatimah. And dealing with “a little sumthin sumthin” may prove to be more than anyone should be expected to handle.

A Little Sumthin Sumthin is a story of staring over, and finding strength when you thought you had none. It’s a tale of karma, truth, and ultimately, survival because sometimes, what goes around, really does come around.

For Fatimah, the trick will be staying alive long enough to see it happen.

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Imani True

Imani (“True”) has been writing her entire life. Early works consisted of poetry and short stories written under the name C. Highsmith-Hooks. Her 2010 collaboration with Ms. Dreama Skye produced Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam, a collection of erotic stories published by NCM Publishing. That same year, one of Imani’s stories was published in Delphine Publications’ Between the Sheets anthology. Both books won literary awards.

In February 2012, True released A Little Sumthin Sumthin, the story of Fatimah Briggs, a woman trying to start a new life. But when Fatimah packs her bags to leave, she has no idea what secrets, lies, and indiscretions will unfold as she tries to make her own way.

A native New Yorker at heart, True currently resides in Las Vegas, where she works a traditional 9 to 5 until the pen pays her bills. When she’s not writing, she enjoys watching crime thrillers, traveling, and sports. The mother of one grown son, Imani is currently working on several e-books, screenplays, and novels in the genre of erotic crime thrillers.

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Time for a short excerpt!

There it was…...the truth slapping me right upside the head: another damn receipt! And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t ignore it, deny it or wish it away.

My husband had bought condoms!

How in the hell can he do this to me again? I asked myself. And how will he explain himself when I confront him about it? What will he say?

Thoughts raced through my mind at warp speed. I tried to make sense of it all. But I kept coming back to the same conclusion: Malcolm had cheated.


“You must be devastated, girl,” one friend told me.

“Devastated, my ass! She should be pissed the hell off!” my best friend Sashasaid in her straight-to-the-point manner. “It’s almost like he didn’t care if you found out, like he wanted to get caught. What fool buys that many condoms?”

Sasha always had my back.

Sounds crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more clearly I could see Malcolm cheating. The images were just too much. My head exploded and I hit the ground.Through my state of semi-consciousness, I could hear voices.

“Pulse, steady at sixty-two beats per minute…we gotta’ get her to the hospital NOW!”

“Fatimah, hang in there girl,” someone said. It sounded like Sasha.

“You’re going to be fine,” another voice said calmly.

My friends are such liars. I didn’t feel like I would be okay.

“We’re almost there, Miss. Hold on!” The EMT was doing his best to save my life. “Is there someone we can call for her? A husband, a boyfriend, another family member?”

Sasha gave them Malcolm’s cell number. I remember wishing that she hadn’t, even though I knew she meant well.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open. And I had no idea how I even got into the ambulance, or who called for help. But I knew one thing -- if I survived this, I was finally done with Malcolm’s sorry ass.

An hour later, they checked me into a room.

“Your husband is on the way down, Mrs. Briggs. He’s very worried.”

Worried? I thought to myself. He should be -- he’s the damn reason I’m here in the first place!

Seconds later, a tall blurry figure entered the room.

“Hey, baby,” Malcolm whispered in my ear. “Are you okay?” He smiled the wayhe always does when he knows he’s being watched.

As I stared up at him, I became hypnotized by his sexy voice.

“Fatimah, I asked you a question.” Malcolm started to raise his voice, but remembered that we weren’t alone. “I mean, um……can I have some time with my wife, doctor?” he asked. “Alone?”

The doctor left the room, but kept the door cracked.

“So how are you doing?” Malcolm asked, waiting for me to answer as he paced around the bed with angry feet.

“As good as can be expected, I suppose, especially when you consider the day I’ve had so far. And the monster headache I still have right now. How are you, baby?”

How are you, baby? What the hell was I thinking?

Here I was, lying in the hospital near death, and I was worried about how Malcolm was doing!

That was so typical of me during our marriage.

“Malcolm, why did you buy condoms? And don’t you even lie, because I found the receipt!”

“Just being an asshole, I suppose.”

Definitely the right answer, I thought. And it came out of his mouth so damn smooth! Unbelievable!

But there was no way he was getting off that easy. He stared at me, as if trying to look right through me, and into my soul.

“Malcolm, I trusted you, even after that last time you cheated!” I screamed. “Now you’ve abused that trust by doing it again? How am I supposed to believe anything you say to me? How?”

“I don’t know. But I swear to you, I haven’t had unprotected sex with anyone else since that last incident. I might be guilty of getting a little sumthin’ sumthin’ on the side, and a few other things, but I haven’t slept with another woman in a really long time.”

He paused, and then continued.

“And even when I did,” he chastised,“at least I used condoms! Wasn’t that your complaint the last time? That I was jeopardizing your health?”

What the hell…? Oh, no he didn’t just try to flip this shit around! And for the record, Mr. Can’t- Keep-It-in-his-Pants, my complaint was that you were screwing every woman you met!

I shook my head,struggling to wrap my mind around what Malcolm was telling me.Subconsciously, I could hear Sasha screaming: “Hello? Anybody in there? Wake up, Fatimah -- he cheated on you! AGAIN!”

Malcolm’s words rang even louder. Haven’t had unprotected sex… a really long time? I thought.Why was my husband being so careful with his words? What were these “things” he may or may not be guilty of?

And what the hell is “a little sumthin’ sumthin”?

And now, let's take a look at some reviews of this book!

“Author Imani True writes a powerful, heartfelt, gritty novel. Her story explores the realities of life, the ones no one wants to talk about - spousal abuse and lesbianism. Ms. True takes these topics by the collar and yanks them headlong through the streets for all to see. Her heroines are strong and proud. You cheer them on every step of the way. Her villain is a man you have no trouble seeing get his own back when karma finally catches up. A solid storyline and intensely written characters with intriguing subplots makes this a great read in my opinion. I will be looking for a little more sumthin, sumthin from this author!”~Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, Author of Georgia's Smile, Love's Trust, Callie's Fate, and her most recent release - Love And Liberty (now also available in print).

“’A Little Sumthin’ Sumthin’” is a seductive blend of mystery, sensuality, and drama. A well-crafted novel that invites the reader to not just peruse the first few pages, but it invites them into a world where motives and secrets are exposed in an erotic, but thrilling way.”~Gaiven Clairmont, Author of Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares.

“’ALSS’ is captivating and very well-written. Imani True did an awesome job at combining sexiness with the right amount of suspense and twists. Fatimah is definitely a bad chick, and Malcolm…let’s just say he’s definitely NOT the ladies’ man he thinks he is!” ~Queen B.G., Author of Dealt the Wrong Hand and Bridge 2 Destruction.

“’A Little Sumthin’ Sumthin’” is a very sexy story with fully developed characters in realistic situations, which makes this intriguing story a must-read. It’s what happens when high finance collides with low-life crime. It’s not so much ‘whodunit,’ but why they did it that will keep readers on the edge, and turning pages late into the night. This one is a winner!~Terry B., Author of The ‘E’ Collection: A New Definition of Erotica: Volume 1, Dancer’s Paradise: An Erotic Journey and At Midnight: Choice Fowler's Story.

So yep, that's about it for today! Go here to check out the other tour stops! You'll find loads of awesome stuff on the other tour sites too! :D


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