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Musing Mondays [1]

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading!

This week's musing asks...

Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?
Do you have all of their books? If not, why not?
Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? Have you actually read all of the collection? If not, why not?

No, I don't collect any authors. I guess you can say I collect a particular series! But these series are mainly YA, cos they were all bought many years ago. I don't really buy books now, but I try to read all books by a particular author if I really enjoy reading their books! I think the main reason why I don't collect authors is the lack of space I guess and the cost! I wouldn't mind collecting Judith Mcnaught's books though, she's my favorite author of all time!

Still, even if I collect her books, I wouldn't get all of them because there are a few that I read that I didn't enjoy as much! However, if she has a new book, I would take a gamble and buy it!

If I buy books, I normally buy a book here and a book there! Well, its mainly due to the cost! I have to wait for a special occasion before I can treat myself to a book and thus I can't buy as many as I would like to! If I read an author, I'll try to read all the books in a particular series. For example, in Johanna Lindsey's Malory series, which I absolutely adore, I will definitely read the entire series. Its like if I don't read the series, I'll kinda get bored? Or slightly insecure? I dunno, I have this thing that if I don't do things in order especially if there is a predetermined order, I won't be able to have peace while reading the book! My mind will be nagging at me to read it in order!

Haha but as a whole, I do try to read authors that I'm familiar with. Except for authors writing for Harlequin Presents. There are just too many for me to stick to a couple of authors! Ok, that's about all I have to say!

P.S. This is my first ever meme that I've participate in, so pardon me if its not very good!


You and your Judith Mcnaught and Johanna Lindsey craze. Haha. You make your house seem so small and untidy!! HAHA. "...lack of space..."

Lol, cool post, Vic.:) You've influenced me to do MMs too, so here's mine:


Haha its true! My bookshelf is like packed ttm! Literally! And I can't get any other place in the house for books:( Haha I'm so influential lol:P And Judith Mcnaught and Johanna Lindsey are like my favorite authors! :) Haha can't wait to read them again!


I'm more of a series collector too. :)

Here’s my Musing Mondays post. :)


I collect series too, not that I really have room, thanks for stopping by


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