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One Night with His Wife by Lynne Graham

First Published: January 2000
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 288
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Finished Date: 15 November 2011

Blurb from Goodreads

Can one passionate night mend a marriage? Luc Sarrazan's marriage to Star was hasty and brief. They separated almost immediately and Star disappeared, but Luc never filed for divorce. Eighteen months later, Luc tracks Star down fearing she's involved in a fraud. When he discovers that Star is the mother of TWINS, he feels doubly deceived! Luc demands his price: he will have the fraud charge dropped if Star will spend just one last time in his bed. But he's not prepared for the cost of that fleeting taste of passion - the morning after, he wants more... even to mend their marriage!

My Rating

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Though there were some parts I really couldn’t stand and at times, I really wanted to strangle the heroine, Star, overall it was a pretty enjoyable read. Besides the hero, Luc is really hot:P That just takes away the entire focus on the heroine!

Alright, let’s get started. Luc and Star are married. But after a few weeks of a disastrous marriage that Luc never wanted, but Star yearned for, she ran away because she was really ashamed of her behaviour, if I read her right. The story takes place about 18 months after she left him. She has his twins, even though he doesn’t know it. When he goes to find her again, he is extremely angry with her, even to the point of hatred, because of a misunderstanding. He thought she cheated someone close to him of all her life savings. And thus, when he went to confront her, he was really pissed. But in spite of all that, he was extremely attracted to her. Hence, he made her the proposition for them to spend one final night together, before getting a divorce and him not pressing charges against her for fraud. So she, being rather weak and seriously in lust with him, agreed. And when I say seriously in lust, it is way more than just seriously. I can’t find the right words to describe it. Let’s just say that in his every little action, she can find some sexual meaning and get super turned on, super quickly. For that reason, I just didn’t like her at first. I felt that she really accepted a lot of s*** he was giving her, without even feeling pissed or even realizing he doesn’t deserve her. Instead, because she’s blinded with love, she just practically accepts everything.

But at last, I really admired her. She found the strength of will to push him away because she realised his intentions towards her was not at all what she wanted. That really made me happy because she finally stood up for herself and not just give in to all her desires all the time.

As for Luc, he is not a very nice guy. Seriously. At every move he makes, he hurts Star. He doesn’t seem to think about her emotions at all, rather coldly logically calculating every move to give him what he wants. In spite of all that, I could really tell he loved her. Like, when she left, he was so depressed and worried. He even sent people to dig up the moat in order to ensure that she didn’t commit suicide. Now that always tells me beyond doubt that the guy loves the girl. Um, I really couldn’t stand how he always hurt her. It was really sad. But I absolutely loved it when he got so jealous of Rory! I won’t say who Rory is, go read the book! Heh, but I think its actually pretty obvious lol!

Um, I enjoyed the book as a whole. A few complaints though. I hated how he confessed to her. It’s like so… Casual. I dunno, I just couldn’t feel the sincerity in it! Sigh, but well, I could tell that he did love her a little, but not the kind of love that lasts forever. I felt that it was more of those possessiveness one would treat with regard to a beloved belonging. There was sexual attraction to be sure, so strong it was crazy. But well, I just couldn’t reconcile all this to love. And as I’m writing this, I cannot help but wonder. Why am I even analyzing their behaviour so much? Its not like they’re real people, right? They’re just fictional characters with fictional feelings! Wait, not fictional feelings as in love doesn’t exist but fictional as in they don’t have feelings. I’ll always believe in love! And omg, did I seriously write that piece of nonsense down? I apologise, I’m just weird this way. Coupled with sleep deprivation, it’s a wonder I even recognize myself.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book. It was a good book, and I loved the dialogues between them. Star isn’t someone who is THAT smart, while Luc is simply a genius. Honestly, I can’t see any similarities between them, but oh well, isn’t that what they say as opposites attract?

This is another of Lynne Graham’s books that I enjoy. Sure, its rather cliché, ok very, with the married people separated then after one night of passion, the guy (why is it always the guy?), decides that they shouldn’t be separated and starts trying to mend the relationship. Haha but I really loved it when Luc took her and the children to that beautiful place. It was really nice! And I love Luc with the children! He’s so sweet to them! Like a total turn-around from his usual self. He’s actually really good with them! Heh, pace of the book was quite good, I loved their quarrels! It was very stimulating and frustrating at the same time! Its like sometimes, I would be screaming at Star for her to not take everything lying down and to at least stand up for herself. I has also hoped that she would be able to resist him, but to no avail. Oh well, that sucks! But I did have fun reading this book!

Again, I apologise for this review. I just can’t seem to write properly. For those that actually read all the way here, I’m kinda sorry for wasting your time, because I really feel that this review didn’t really say anything!


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