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Booking Through Thursday: Writing Or Riveting? - [6]

Today's Booking Through Thursday asks:
What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story?
(Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

Hmm. This is a real difficult question to answer! Both are really important to me! I'm gonna have to go with story though. The way I see it, if the book is really well written but has a terrible plot, or one that does no appeal to me, there's no way I can like it. On the other hand, if the plot is fantastic, I normally don't notice if there's bad or good writing. Unless you're talking about grammatical errors. That's one thing I'm super particular about! :)

So yes, to you, which is more important? Love to hear from you!


Have to agree with you on the story being more important. I can forgive most anything but not a bad story line, lol.

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Good answer. I feel the same about basic spelling and grammar too. :)
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Good answer. For me the difference comes out when both the story and the writing are passably good. Then the story takes priority and great language is the candy on top.


I lean towards good writing. For one thing the story is very hard to judge until one has already finished the book. And to keep me reading, it takes good writing! I think it's awfully hard to answer this kind of question without actual examples in mind, though.


I'm the opposite way, I writing has to appeal to me! In a book I just read the plot sounded great but the writing style was way to formal and adultish for me to get hooked on the story /: great answer though and I do love a great story., new Folowe :)
-Katie @ Magic is in Words


I think you need both to make it work.


Yes, I think it's important to eliminate "bad writing" from the equation and go with "good enough" vs. "brilliant."

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I agree it's all about the story but both are needed. They always ask the hardest questions I swear lol. Here's my BTT.

Happy Reading!
Cathy @Addicted to Books


I could have argued either way so I picked a side and went for it.


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Your answer is the opposite of mine but I see your point. :-)


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