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Tender the Storm by Elizabeth Thornton (Deveraux Trilogy #1)

First Published: 1 June 1991
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 448
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Finished Date: 22 January 2012

Blurb from Goodreads

Zoe Deveraux is seventeen, though disguised as a schoolgirl, when she is spirited out of France by Rolfe Brockford, Marquess of Rivard. Posing as a Revolutionary, Rolfe is on a mission to rescue innocents from the bloody horrors of the guillotine. And rescue Zoe he does, though he hasn't a notion what to do with her upon reaching London...

Unwilling to abandon the waifish girl, Rolfe shocks polite society by taking her as his bride---in name only. He soon realizes, however, that Zoe is more woman than child, and that she arouses in him a desire like no other...

What began as a marriage of convenience quickly grows into something altogether different. But Rolfe and Zoe face countless challenges---from political intrigue to their own pride, jealousy, and fiercely guarded secrets. Now, as the strife in Europe hits its peak, two stubborn hearts must make the ultimate alliance....

My Rating


My Review

I couldn’t like Tender the Storm. Mostly, the characters were likable and the plot was rather interesting. However, there was something lacking which made me unable to like the book. I couldn’t connect with the characters. And thus, I couldn’t understand them; I couldn’t see the world from their eyes. It’s quite a pity though. The book started off really good. I was instantly captivated by what I read. But what I expected and what happened were so different. It isn’t a bad thing in itself, but I just didn’t like what happened at all.

There were many things I couldn’t stand about the book. Can I begin by saying how much I hate Rolfe? I have hardly ever hated the heroes in romances but Rolfe just is such an ass that I can’t help but hate him. Give me a few moments to rant about him. HE HAS A TOTALLY CONVOLUTED IDEA ABOUT MARITAL SEX. WTH???????? Isn’t that supposed to be the view that women has which causes them to be happy when their husband takes a mistress?????????? And I don’t care whether you have consummated your marriage yet. You do not take a mistress after you’re married. Ba****d. Excuse my language. I’m annoyed with the him. Very annoyed. Alright, end of rant. Time to get back to this review.

I thought the plot was amazing in the beginning. I honestly thought the beginning when Zoe was escaping from France and Rolfe was escorting her was great! I could have just seen how they would have fallen in love, and I say it would have been a very sweet story

But as I read on, I realised I was getting more and more bored by the plot. Sure, the intrigue and mystery about Le Patron was cool. And let me tell you, when it was finally revealed who it was, my jaw dropped. I was completely and utterly surprised. There were many things I felt were left out. Just to give an example, when Rolfe was attacked. He spent months recovering from that attack. And guess how many pages was taken to write that attack and the recovery? Not even one. I would say that is an important part of the book, so why isn’t it talked about more?

And when I finished the book, I totally did not concur with the fact that they were apparently in love with each other. Zoe’s “love” for him is just hero-worship and I have no idea what he feels for her. That is not love to me.

As the book went on, I found myself just flipping through the pages. The plot just did not intrigue me and the descriptions were so long and unnecessary. I was bored by their dialogues, because it really didn’t spark any interest in me or in what they were saying. All I was thinking about was that they should just move on and get to the important parts. Of course, they never did!

I also felt that there wasn’t enough time the characters spent together to develop their relationship. They spent a lot of the book apart and even when they were together, they were arguing or he didn’t even really notice her. Which is why I can’t really understand why they claim to love each other. I totally can’t see it!

Even though I really didn’t like this book, I can’t help but say I’m going to read the next two books in the series. I mean, I start a series, I have to finish it, don’t I? I’m a little particular about that!

All in all, I really disliked this book. I honestly thought that the beginning was great but right after that, it took a downward spiral and just got worse and worse. Which is quite a pity though. I felt that there was a lot of potential in the book. The main reason why I dislike this is probably because I can’t connect with the characters. Yep, so just 2 stars from me. Hopefully, the next book will be better! :D


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