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A to Z April Challenge Promo!

Hey guys!!!

Been a long time since I posted anything other than blog tours! Real sorry, school has been... crazy!! But yes, today's post is about the A to Z April Challenge! Haven't heard of it? It's simple, really! At least, the rules are simple! The challenge, not so. I sure hope I can complete it! Oh yes, so, the rules. Basically, you have to post almost everyday in the month of April. Each day, with the exception of Sunday, the post will be about a certain letter. It goes alphabetical order. Ok, I'm just confusing you guys here so I'll illustrate.

April 1 - Post on letter 'A'
April 2 - Post on letter 'B'
April 3 - Post on letter 'C'

This will continue until the end of the month! However, you don't have to post on Sundays. Therefore, on 8 April, Sunday, instead of posting the letter 'G', you'll post 'G' on 9 April, Monday, instead.

Yep, so the posts can be about anything at all, as long as it has something to do with the letter for that day! Easy to understand? Ok, you know, I'm not that good at explaining things! Why not check out the official website?

So yes, I'm taking part in this challenge and I wanna invite all of you guys to take part in this challenge with me too! Sure, its difficult, posting 6 days a week. But a challenge isn't meant to be easy, is it? I guess, a way that can help is to have a rough idea what you're gonna post for that day a few days before. Plan what you want to write about, so when it comes to that day, you won't suddenly have a brain freeze and be unable to complete the challenge. Oh and of course, brainstorm words to use for everyday first!

And because this is a book blog, I'm gonna do things a little differently. All my posts will be book-related. At least, most of them. For example, I'm thinking of using 'R' for Romance, my fav genre. And maybe 'N' for names - characters, book titles, etc. Yeah, it won't be that easy, but I guess I should just start planning already!

I really would love it if you guys would participate in this challenge with me:) Go here: to sign up! Let's work together and complete this challenge! Oh and if you want, you can even schedule your posts! That could really help! :D I'm planning on scheduling a few of my posts, so that I'll still have time to do other stuff! And because I have some blog tours on some of the days, the A-Z challenge post won't be the first post! Sorry! But I feel that the blog tours should take priority, since its PR for the authors and they paid for it! I have an obligation to fulfill, being a tour host and thus, the A-Z post can't always be first! I'll leave a link in the sidebar though, for easy access.

Yep, so I think that's about it:) Join me in this awesome challenge, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it too! :D



Swinging by from the A to Z Challenge and wanted to say hi. :)


This is my second year for the challenge. It will be great fun again.


HI Victoria. I found you on the A to Z linky-list. This is my first year doing this--and I am pretty excited about it. There are so many people signed up for it--thought I'd check out blogs now...and enjoy them before the blogging rush starts. I like your review and hosting policy. Have a wonderful week. :-)


Glad you're on board! I'm one of the co-hosts, so if you have any questions, just let me know.


Thank you Victoria. Great selling job!

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Hi there, I'm swinging by from the A-Z challenge!
Good luck with the challenge!


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