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Blog Tour: The Founders by Holly Barbo - Promo + Guest Post

Hey guys! Welcome to today's blog tour! I haven't read The Founders yet, but I will definitely do so soon! Do watch out for my review kay? Love you all <3 hehe enjoy the promo post! And do consider purchasing the book if you do like it!

The Founders by Holly Barbo

Recruited by an ancient race, a group of people from Earth colonize the lovely planet Ose in a far corner of the galaxy. Thirty-two years after the Founders settle the unanticipated happens. A small asteroid hits on the edge of the continent instantly throwing them into a "nuclear winter" weather pattern. Struggling to survive, the young culture slips ever nearer to a survival of the fittest world.

In this climate of hardship, Marisily comes of age. She flees for her life after watching her mother die. Unexpectedly, she discovers the cave in which she seeks refuge was a hidden Ancient's shelter and the secrets within it reveal that she is a sage: a small group of seemingly unrelated people with heightened extra senses that are strangely linked to the planet itself.

The conditions reach dangerous levels as more citizens become victims of the outlaw bands. Marisily struggles to stay safe when she is targeted for slavery. A clandestine plan is devised to take back the society and reestablish the founding culture. Can they do it in time?

Holly Barbo

Holly Barbo's world is shaped by her love of her family, the beauty of the natural world in Northwest Washington State and an irrepressible creative drive.

Living where the scenery is incredible with a rich abundance of wildlife "is so special and soothing that it feels like a quiet kind of magic," according to Barbo. She is drawn to creating stories where there is just a bit of something unworldly, perhaps it is magic or psychic skills. Her stories are mostly in non-urban settings and usually have some focus on nature, building a discordant drama inside the peaceful frame.

And now, let's welcome Holly to the blog to talk with us a little about her inspiration in writing and where she gets her ideas from!

Remember the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts? It was a magical room that was hidden unless you needed it. You had to walk past the area of the door three times while thinking of what you wanted before it would appear. Sometimes what you required was just a place to stash something. Can’t you just see a large room completely full of stuff? Towers and piles of things with paths in between?

Let’s pretend that your brain is the Room of Requirement with every nook and cranny full of thoughts, memories and dreams. “But,” you say, “my mind is tidy. It doesn’t look like that. It isn’t messy.” That is remarkable and you have my complete respect..and awe.

My mind has memories attached to smells and sounds. Dreams bound with colors and snatches of information tucked between feathers and pinecones all stacked on piles of books and pictures. It is unbridled and bit like a labyrinth.

From wandering in that maze I get ideas for my writing. Around every corner are flutters of inspiration. Bits of ideas can lead me down curious corridors. ‘I wonder how a world with two moons would work? How would that affect the tides and the eclipses?’ My characters have a glimmer of this or that person I have met. Rab the shepherd, an individual in the truest sense, coalesced from memories of my Uncle Ollie and a few other personalities I have known. The diverse topography of Washington State was the basis of the planet Ose before I altered it with odd things that appeal to me.

The plot also leaks out of that labyrinth. The desire to talk and spend time again with loved ones that have passed from my life can be realized by building their personality into characters and braiding them into the story. Things I would like to change in my world are resolved on the planet that I made. It can be quite cathartic while it is good creative fun.

Yes, my Room of Requirement is a delightful maze where I can catch flickering thoughts and weave them into stories. The Founders is the first book in the Sage Seed Chronicles series. The second: Divergent Paths will be out in August. The story is unfolding.

So yep, that's about it for today! Watch out for my review soon, I haven't read the book yet but I certainly can't wait to do so!


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