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Book Feature: Forgotten Dreams by Alexia Banks

Hey guys! Welcome to today's post! Today, I'll be featuring an author, Alexia Banks here. Her real name's Diane. Forgotten Dreams is a contemporary paranormal RomCom (romantic comedy). Forgotten Dreams was just published, yesterday in fact! So, why not be one of the first to get it?

Forgotten Dreams by Alexia Banks

Itching for adventure, Miami private investigator Shane Connelly heads for Swan Creek in North Carolina wine country, but discovers it’s anything but the perfect spot to while away the summer months. Her country home turns out to be a burned out hovel that she suspects is haunted. Discouraged, she plans to head home when a handsome stranger arrives at her doorstep. Before she can beat a trail off the mountain, Shane and her dashing neighbor Jesse are inexplicably drawn together as they dodge bullets, unearth ghosts, and unravel a dark town secret.

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Check out the book trailer/interview with Alexia Banks here!

Praise for Forgotten Dreams:

From Spews of my Views:
"Ms Banks is an amazing writer. She brought everything to life for me and even made me a bit homesick for North Carolina. I laughed all through the book, and yet, the story had flow and wrapped up nicely in the end. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves paranormal romance."

From Wilovebooks:
"There is romance, suspense, humor, a dash of paranormal, and great characters. Plenty of twists to keep you guessing until the end. I recommend this book and I will be looking forward to the next!"

Alexia Banks

Writing under the pseudonym Alexia Banks, Diane Jacques is a veteran movie and television writer, producer and director. In 2012, she added novelist to her resume with Forgotten Dreams, the first book in her paranormal series. In addition, her nonfiction work on the catastrophic 1944, Hartford circus fire is due out in late 2013. She was born and raised in South Florida, where she continues to reside today with her partner Ray, mother Beatrice, and two of her children -- Stefan and Bianca. The family lives in a historic beachfront community in three fully restored 1924 bungalows. They share their home with French bulldog Mimi, coated Mexican Hairless Pete and six rescue cats. Her oldest child Jason an up-and-coming painter and animator who lives in nearby Fort Lauderdale.

So yep, that's about it for today! Hope you've enjoyed the post and do be sure to check out her book and if you do like it, you could get it! :)


I'm honored, Victoria, to be featured on your site. I've been reading your blogs for some time, and think you do a wonderful job. Thanks for including me.


I heard you quoted me so I came by to say hi! Great post. It is a wonderful book.


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