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Blog Tour: Reckless by Cheryl Douglas - Promo + Interview

Reckless by Cheryl Douglas

As a publicist, Avery Collins knows that mixing business with pleasure is a recipe for disaster so she has one rule. Her bedroom is off limits to clients, no matter how enticing and persistent they may be.

Ty McCall is country music’s newest rising star, but he needs the best team in the business to help him make it to the top. That team includes Avery, the woman who gave him the most unforgettable night of his life only to disappear the next morning.

Avery agrees to work with him, but Ty isn’t willing to settle for a professional relationship with the woman of his dreams. Can this sexy cowboy convince her that rules were made to be broken?

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Cheryl Douglas

It took me thirty-seven years to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I thought I'd found my calling. In fact, I worked as a nutritionist for twelve years before I finally admitted to myself that while I enjoyed my work, I couldn't imagine doing it for the next thirty years.

My sub-conscious knew that I wanted to be a writer long before the conscious part of my mind decided to get with the program. While my sub-conscious was hard at work creating character profiles, plots and storylines, my conscious mind was telling me it was crazy to give up a successful business on the off-chance one of my manuscripts might rise to the top of someone's never-ending slush pile. After years of listening to that negative voice, I was finally ready to stop making excuses, face the fear and follow my dream of becoming a full-time writer, no matter the outcome. I'm so thankful I did.

I love bringing my characters to life and I am so grateful to have readers who love those characters as much as I do.

When I take a break from writing it's to spend time with my husband (a.k.a. my real life hero), my son, and my writing partner, Tia, a spirited Havanese who enjoys tapping her paw on my keyboard whenever I need a little comic relief.

And now, let's welcome Cheryl and her character Ty to have a little talk with us!

First up, Ty McCall!

Did you always know that you wanted to be a singer?
Singing and playing guitar has always been the only things that mattered to me, aside from my family and a few close friends. I think I got my first acoustic guitar when I was six, and I’ve been driving my family crazy making noise ever since.

Did you consider an alternative career, if you weren’t able to make it in the music business?
It would have taken a lot for me to give up on that dream. Even if meant playing in dive bars and honky tonks every night, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. I just wanted to play my music. 

Why do you suppose you’re gaining a strong fan following when so many artists fail in this highly competitive industry?
I think fans have to believe a musician is a real person before they can connect with his or her music. I’ve always been willing to put myself out there in every song I write, interview I give, and show I put on. I think my fans appreciate that. 

Was there someone who inspired you to follow your dream?
My family’s always been supportive, and my parents taught me the meaning of hard work at an early age. They’d work the land they loved from sun-up ‘til sun-down, seven days a week, ‘cause that was their dream. Their work ethic taught me that I could have anything I wanted in life as long as I wasn’t afraid to work hard and get my hands dirty along the way.

You have three brothers, correct?
Yeah, I have two older, and one younger brother. (Laughs) Let me tell you, there was never a dull moment around our house growing up. My younger brother, J.T., is a professional bull rider, and my two older brothers, Derek and Dave, are in the military and law enforcement. I have a lot of respect for what they do, and whenever possible, I try to pay tribute to them in my music. I don’t think I’d be the man I am today had they not taught me to face my fears and go for what I want, no matter the cost.

Your career is just beginning. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?
I’ll still be doing what I’m doing right now, I hope. As long as I’m able to keep making music, I’ll be happy. The venues may be bigger, and the demands on my time may be more pressing, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the music. 

What do you like or dislike about being in the public eye?
I don’t have the right to gripe about being having my life dissected by fans and the press. This is what I signed up for; it’s what I’ve wanted all my life. I’m not about to start complaining now that I’ve finally got what I want.

Luc Spencer recently signed you to his record label. How has that changed things for you?
When Luc decided to take a chance on me, it changed everything. He told me that he believed in me, and he was willing to put his reputation on the line ‘cause he saw something in me. I’d never want to let him down, so I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove him right.

Tell us one thing your fans may not know about you.
I love kids and dogs. (Laughs). Seriously, my golden retriever, Ike, rides shotgun in my truck damn near everywhere I go.

You’ve been romantically linked to your publicist, Avery. Would you care to comment on your relationship with her?
She’s the best at what she does, and I’m damn lucky to have her on my team. As for our personal relationship, it’s just that, personal.

What would you say to people who advise against mixing business and pleasure?
I’d tell them you never know where you’re gonna find love, so you have to be open to the possibility of finding it anywhere. I want to find the woman who’ll make me a better man, and if I start setting boundaries, I’m reducing my chances of finding that one special person who’ll make my life complete.

You mentioned the need to find a partner to make your life complete. Does that mean even with your music career finally taking off, there’s still a void in your life without a partner?
I love my music, but it doesn’t keep me warm at night. It can’t listen and offer advice when I have a problem, or make me laugh at the end of a gruelling day. Only my soul mate can do that.

You sound like a romantic guy. Is that a fair statement?
(Laughs). I’m not likely to run out and buy my lady flowers and chocolates every day, if that’s what you mean. But if we got into an argument, I might sit down and write her a song, to convince her to forgive me for acting like a jerk.

If you had to name one fault, what would it be?
Just one? That’s a tough one. I guess it would have to be that I’m stubborn. When I want something, I don’t give up, no matter what.

Does that apply to women as well?
I’d never forgive myself if I let the right woman get away, so if I have to dig my heels in and fight for us, you’d better believe that’s what I’m gonna do.

Next, we have Cheryl herself!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the Nashville Nights series?
Nashville Nights is an eight-book contemporary romance series involving some major players in country music. Four of the main characters are singers, one is a manager, who started his own record label, and another is a publicist.

Q: What inspired you to write this series?
I started out with the idea to write a story about Trey and Sierra, the hero and heroine in book one, Shameless. But when the secondary characters became more prominent, I realized I had to dig a little deeper to learn more about them. I never expected it to evolve into an eight book series, but I’ve learned to listen to my muse and follow it wherever it might lead. 

 Q: Who was your favorite character in this series and why?
I can’t pick just one. I loved Trey from book one, Luc from book three, and J.T. from book five. I think these were the most complicated characters to write because there were so many facets to their personality. Just when I thought I had a handle on them, the story would take a surprising turn and I would realize there was yet another layer to their characters. All three men have made their fair share of mistakes, and are trying to work through them to find redemption.

Q: How will the books in this series be released?
With the exception of book six, all of the books are finished and at various stages of editing and proofreading. Book five, Relentless, will be released July 1, book six, Heartless, will be released October 1, and the remaining two books in the series, Hopeless and Careless, will be released the first of each month thereafter.

Q: What surprised you the most about this series?
It would have to be the fact that this series took on a life of its own, literally. As I said, Shameless was supposed to be a stand-alone book. I never expected this to be such a long and rewarding journey. At first, it was a six book series, but when I began to receive daily email from readers telling me they weren’t ready for the series to end, I decided it was time to follow Jay and Mike’s journey. Fans of the series will remember the twins as Josh’s teenage sons in book two, Fearless. In book six, they are grown men who are ready to find love.

Q: What was the most difficult scene or character to write?
Up to this point, I think Luc in book three, Ruthless, was the most complex character to write. I continued to be surprised by the depth of his character and the secrets that were revealed as we progressed through the book. With him, my outline went out the window!
There were a lot of difficult, heart-wrenching scenes in this series. Some even made me cry. I would say the most difficult scene to write took place in the latter part of book five with J.T.’s family. I won’t spoil it for readers, but I will say that it was a tear-jerker.
I am currently working on book six, and it deals with the topic that was introduced at the end of book five, so it’s been very emotionally draining for me. I’m getting ready to tackle some very sensitive topics in the remaining books, so I’m sure that it will only get more difficult as time goes on. 

Q: Which character do you think readers will best be able to relate to and why?
The heroes in books two and four, Josh and Ty, are genuinely good guys. I think readers will want to root for them. They may even get a little upset with the heroines who trample their hearts along the way.

Q: Why did you choose country music as the common thread that ties these books together?
Country music is the backdrop, but I wouldn’t say it’s a strong focus in the series. I hope this is a series that readers will enjoy regardless of the genre of music they prefer. Having said that, country music tells a story. It’s often about heartbreak, trials, lost love, patriotism, and triumph. This series also encompasses all of those elements, so for me, it made sense to weave the music I love into this series. I hope readers share my opinion.  

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