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Blog Tour: Superheroes Wear Faded Denim by Law Reigns - Guest Post + Excerpt + Giveaway

Hey guys! Welcome to today's blog tour! :) Superheroes Wear Faded Denim seems like a really interesting book. It intrigued me from the very first line of the synopsis. I hope you'll enjoy it! Oh yes, and do stick around to enter the tour-wide giveaway at the end of this post! :)

Superheroes by Law Reigns

Blissany Cherry is tired of sleeping around. Her neurologists’ sleep solutions have failed her. Now that her bizarre sleeping habits have begun to include week long dreams she has resorted to her own methods for a cure.

METHOD ONE: CONTROL DREAMS. All attempts to morph dreams about a gorgeous warrior into romantic fantasies are thwarted. He keeps on insisting she is destined to marry a great king and lead their armies into war. At the end of every dream he asks her: will you fight the war and save mankind?

She laughs in his face.

METHOD TWO: RESIST! Blissany has plans for her life. None include fighting an intergalactic war. When her dreams begin spilling over into reality, she is forced to make a decision that will forever redefine her life. Standing between destiny and desire, she is left with only one option.


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Law Reigns

Law Reigns has an odd obsession with romance. At the advice of her friends, she gave up the plight of playing cupid in their lives. Developing her own characters to manipulate proved to be more rewarding. After having studied creative writing at the University of Florida, she decided to write Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. A proud Gator alumni, she based her novel where blood runs orange and blue. She personally invites all adventure druggies and love fanatics to dive into the pages of Faded Denim, a story that transforms a swampy, southern town into a battlefield for life and love.

Why did Law Reigns write this story?
"I wrote this story for three reasons:1. As a narcoleptic, I wanted to inspire others by writing a story about a character who struggles to overcome sleep. Harriet Tubman’s story inspired me. For those who do not know, she was also a narcoleptic. She most certainly did not let it bother her. Anyone who faces obstacles in life will be inspired by this story of triumph.

2. Telling the story of a young woman who had to undergo a transformation to achieve greatness was important to me. Life will always ask more of us, more than we sometimes even think we can give.

3. I wanted to capture the beauty and culture of my college experience. There are so many different types of people we meet in college. Many stories do not even try to convey this.

Time for a short excerpt!

Blissany’s heart skipped a beat. He was referring to her dreams. Am I in another? She could very well be. It wasn’t like her dreams gave her any warning. Coming sporadically, they were plane rides into other realms. Sometimes they caused her to sleep for a couple hours, sometimes several days. There a Roman boy with verdant eyes and curly hair black as fresh paint lived. Named Gabriel, he told her she was created to fight a grandiose war between good and evil. She ignored her dreams even though they caused her to oversleep for classes. What a mistake that had been. As soon as she awoke from this nightmare, she was seeking a neurologist. Such an endeavor took a lot of money and time. As a college senior, those were two things she didn’t have. Yet she was going to find it. She could not continue living with this mental disease.

“You don’t want to do this,” Wanikiya said. “If you did you wouldn’t have waited till the curse ate your heart.”

“I’ve contemplated my choices. I know what I’m to do.” Temeluchus asked Blissany the question again.

“Will you fight or not?”

“I don’t believe—”

“Wait until you have all the information, Fairest. You have two choices. If you say yes, even though you’ve shown selflessness, you have waged war. War means a fight to the death, and I will slay you right here. If you say no, I will slay this clerk behind the jewelry counter. So the question really becomes lucid. Who do you want to live more, yourself or others?”

“This demeans you,” Wanikiya said.

“Answer the question, Fair Cherry,” Temeluchus said, ignoring Wanikiya.

Blissany’s lips trembled. She looked at Kristie frozen in time. Out of all the dreams I could have. Kristie’s mouth was slightly agape. Her eyes still wide with excitement. They matched the emerald towel she held in her hands. She was so young she only had a few smile wrinkles around the corners of her mouth. Blissany wanted Kristie to live just as much as she wanted to live, but she knew this was all a dream. For it to end, she would have to give an answer.

And now, let's welcome Law to the blog to share with us a little bit about characters!

I love the theatre. Having supported it from a young age, I take the craft of acting very seriously. While watching film, I am looking for what the actor does with the subtext, how he has changed his mannerisms, his voice, the way he walks, the way he eats his broccoli even.

The kind of person who appreciates when even an extra goes beyond his job description to make the scene believable, I can love a garbage movie if the lead has managed to perform the role to the best of their ability.

That is why I loved Andrew Garfield in the role of The Amazing Spiderman. People get on my nerves when they say an actor does not fit the role. Although I would not cast Morgan Freeman to play Huckleberry Finn in a modern rendition, I believe a great actor who somewhat looks the part will be able to morph themselves into any role. This is why Tobey Maguire should have been able to do an equal if not even better job when he played Peter Parker even though many would have argued he was wrong for the role.

Yet Andrew Garfield, a 28-year-old male who studied at City of London’s Freeman School, managed to capture the essence of an awkward, nerdy high school teen lacking self-esteem. Sure he could have walked on screen and played himself. He could have pulled a Stanislavski and focused just on the verb. But then I would have found the recent Amazing Spiderman so not amazing.

The same goes for writing. I love romance books laced with action that go the extra inch to develop full characters. When developing characters, I like to use what I know about the craft of acting. Actors often ask themselves the same questions a writer would when developing their own characters. This though only provides a surface character. To obtain a real, three-dimensional character, one has to take from real life. They have to watch people interact, listen to people’s conversations, snoop, ask questions.

Keeping in mind humans can be unpredictable and misunderstood, I try not to create one-dimensional characters. The popular cheerleader can very well be an avid video gamer because she grew up in a household with boys. The serial killer could have a soft spot for old ladies because he was raised by his grandmother. Get it?

That is why it is best to take from real life to make great characters. If you are a quirky individual, do not be surprised if you inspire someone for their next novel.

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