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E is for Ebooks and Ereaders

With the current technology, ebooks and e-readers are on a rise. It's just so much more convenient you know? At the same time, there's just something about reading a real book. Holding it in your hands just make it all the more special. It just feels different.

Ebooks are convenient to be sure. And now with the amazing screens of e-readers, it makes it seem as though you're really reading a real book. The quality is so much better, you can carry around millions of books, you can highlight on the go, check up the dictionary instantly for any unknown words, etc. The good points of ebooks and e-readers are vast.

However, they do lack one thing. As good as they are, they lack that feel of a holding a book in your hand. That admiring the book spine or the cover before finally deciding which book to pick up. And of course, the one thing that ebooks and e-readers will never be able to replicate is the smell of books. Old books have a certain musty smell which I love. I know, it seems weird, but it just appeals to me and brings me to a whole different place before I even touch the book! For new books, they have that new smell that makes you want to treasure the book and not fold any of the pages. Like, really really take care of the book. Yes, even for me, a super careless and clumsy person who never takes care of anything!

The reading experience is very important to most of us. Which is why many of us are unable to adapt to reading ebooks. At first, I was like that. I hated reading ebooks because I found them impersonal and cold. I couldn't really feel the book. But as time passed, I started loving ebooks. Reading on an e-reader is a joy because I can read anywhere. Even when the surroundings are dark, I don't have to care because of the backlight. I can read lying on my side. Which is something I absolutely love. (I'm very lazy!)

I still do love reading real books. The feel of holding them, of looking at them, especially the spines and of course, the smell and feel of the pages as you turn them is unbeatable. But as technology continues to advance, I think its time to adapt. Ebooks are convenient. And if you're a fast reader like me, and paranoid to boot, carrying around an ereader is so much more practical.

So what do you feel about ereaders and ebooks? Do you like them? They can never replace real books completely, but do you foresee reading more ebooks or real books?

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I was a "late bloomer" when it came to loving reading, but I'm addicted to it. I still love and prefer real books to e-books. Most people I talk to say I'll change my mind, but I'm not so sure.
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Hi Victoria, like you I was a little hesitant to get into e-reading but I have come to enjoy my Kindle. Although I still think nothing quite compares to holding a real book. Visiting from the A-Z challenge.


I love holding, and reading a real book. I will continue building my collection and I plan fully on staying away from e-readers. And I agree, I love the smell of books!

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We do love holding books in our hands. I'm no exception and I think I will always buy real books. Ereaders are great for having lots of books handy when you're out and about.


I love both. I thought I wouldn't like an ebook but I have a nook and love it. Like Wanda still think nothing compares to holding a real book.

I am visiting from the a-z challenge.


Like most, when I heard about eReaders and eBooks, I dragged my feet big time. But there's room for most everything in life.



Just got an iPad and can now imagine using an e-reader although I can't imagine giving up flesh and bone books. Great post.


My kindle fire rocks! Love ereaders!


I have no misty-eyed nostalgia for reading real books, but I might be a special (slightly rabid) case. I have one hand and holding a real book is limiting and annoying. When I'm holding a real book, I can do nothing else; I can't even scratch my nose without having to set the book down, probably lose my place, pick it back up again, blah blah blah. I know! Annoying! I love ereaders. I wish they'd invented these little suckers 30 years ago! My Kindle stays "open" on its own. It stands up in the cute little easel cover I bought for it. Heck, it'll even read to me in a funny robot voice if I ask it to. I'd trade the dusty, brittle scent of old books (a valid point on the scorecard for real books; I do miss that) for this much freedom a hundred times over.

Great A to Z posts, by the way! You have such an easy flow to the way you write... like having a chat with a friend. Really enjoying your blog. =)


Personally, I love everything about e-readers. I own a Nook and I have only praise words regarding this interesting device. It's great that I can read my eBooks downloaded from All you can books... my favorite site with hundreds of titles.


Yeah, I agree that there's something that is irreplaceable (for the moment) about print books, but I'm a huge e-reader fan. One point, aside from the smell, is that we don't really have an ebook navigation system that's quite as easy and intuitive as the 'flip through it' approach and TOC with page numbers.

It doesn't help that a lot of writers and publishers don't seem to feel that a TOC with hyperlinks (the closest equivalent) is a necessity for ebooks.


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