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A is for Authors

So. Very first post of the challenge! Let's get started!

Authors. They are, after all, the most important people when it comes to books. Without them, we wouldn't get to read would we? Sure, you may say publishers and such are important too, and of course they are, but without authors, the books wouldn't even have been written. Authors are, in a word, amazing. The effort and work needed to write a book is incredible. I mean, I can't even write a proper essay and they can write a whole entire book of 200+ pages.

If you asked me right now who my favorite author was, I would say Judith Mcnaught without a doubt. Judith's a romance author. There are great romance authors out there, to be sure, but Judith Mcnaught is in my opinion the best. The emotions she brings out in me as she develops her plot and characters just leave me completely overwhelmed. I could go on talking about how amazing she is, but that isn't the point of this post, is it?

I think authors are amazing, they create new worlds within their heads and somehow pen it down into an amazing story. I don't think there's any bad author, I think every author has their own special talent. Sure, I may not like reading books from all authors, but there are definitely people who like those authors I don't really read!

So yep, to end off, I just want to thank all authors because without you guys, I could never have fallen in love with reading, and I would have missed out on a lot.

Wow, end of my first post! This was a bit late, sorry! Better get to sleep now, school tomorrow! :D Incoherence towards the end, my apologies, its midnight and I'm having a bad headache:(

Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for visiting! Do leave a comment, and tell me who your favorite author is, or of course, you could tell me why you think authors rock! (And they do, you have to agree with me:P)


I've never really thought about it but you're right that authors are the most important part of the book. My favorite's Nora Roberts; I find myself gravitating back to her books often.


My fave author varies dependng on my mood. Liking Haruki Murakami at the moment.

Nice to find your blog. Now following.

Moody Writing


sweet post! awww =)
happy a day!


Nice post :) Hope your headache is better, also a new follower from the A to Z challenge.


How interesting! Never would've thought of Authors! Found ya on the list for a to z challenge! Love your blog!


I read Judith MacNaught when I was younger. I mostly read fantasy now and have to name Brandon Sanderson as my favorite.


I have so many favourite author's I couldn't list them! But Indie authors are always awesome and so supportive of bloggers!

A-Z Participant!


Right now, I'm on a huge Muriel Spark trip! I too love the authors!


Great post! I agree, authors are awesome. I'm hoping to join in on the awesomeness and become an author one day. :D

I have different fave authors...depends on my mood. Lol

The International Diva


Love my authors. Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Ursula LeGuin all rock my world - and many others, as well.


Hi, I am an eclectic reader, but gravitate toward mystery books. I read maybe three books a week, plus quilting, and blogging. I also am active in church and do some crafting. Other than that, I don't do a whole lot. Ha. (Certainly not a lot of housework). Enjoyed your post. :)


GO Authors!! Nice blog!
Holly Michael


Interesting post and a great start to the challenge :)

Here's my blog:


My favorite book is 'A Simple Plan' by Scott Smith.

I love the premise: you find a suitcase with four million bucks in a downed plane in the middle of the woods.

What do you do?

Also, the first authors were also publishers who had no agents. Think about it!


Stopped by to say hi from the challenge. My favorite authors right now are: James Patterson and Alice Hoffman! :0)


Authors rock. Have to admit, I cam late to the series, but loved Hunger Games, and though Suzanne Collins did an amazing job. L.M. Montgomery. Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Sometimes it surprises me to realize these authors use the same words as all the rest of us, they seem so talented.


I do not know that I could name just one favorite author, I think it depends my mood. Tamora Pierce, Maria V. Snyder, Neil Gamian, I could just keep going.


I'm definitely a fan of authors and promoting authors. But to nail down even ten faves? Impossible!


I hope your head is feeling better. That's a great start to the Challenge! I'm a writer and authors still continue to amaze me.


Love Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins. J.K. Rowling is now an all time great author. Harper Lee - Classic for To Kill a Mockingbird. Anne Tyler always good. So many awesome authors. Hey, I wrote My Zoo World - so far, folks say it's funny......give it a try.


I don't think I could name a single favorite author, but I do agree that authors are very important people.


Yay to authors! To name a couple of favorites - Christopher Moore, Sarah Addison Allen, Kelley Armstrong... too many to list! Great start to the challenge!!


This author says, "Thank you, very much for being a reader!" I have not read Judith McNaught, though I've certainly heard of her. I adore
Charlaine Harris, Julia Quinn, Stacia Kane, Jill Myles, Ilona Andrews, Suzanne Collins and on and on...


I completely agree with you about the authors being the most important aspect of books. I have no idea how authors come with their story lines, their plots, or the worlds they create; but I'm so glad they do. The world would definitely be boring if we didn't have the wide variety of books to read!

Stopping by via the A-Z Challenge! :o)


I'm a Huge book lover too! I don't read romance but my Mom used to love them. Favorite author? Sarah Addison Allen, Alice Hoffman, Michael Connelly, Thomas Perry. Many many more!


Terrific post from one book lover to another! Am joining your blog. Would love it if you'd join mine.


I am hopping to your blog from the A-Z Challenge and wanted to stop and say hi!

I am a book lover too, and I tend to go through phases when it comes to favourite authors. At the moment, I am in a Tess Gerritsen frame of mind and have been blown away by everything I have read of hers recently. She is a master of combining great plots with great writing - not something a lot of modern authors are good at any more!

I look forward to reading more of your posts as the month unfolds. Pam.


I have a lot of favorite authors. One of them is Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone). She writes so beautifully.

Great post! :)


The first author I fell in love with was Michael Crichton, who wrote Jurassic Park. We were assigned to read it for Chemistry class. Yes, I said Chemistry. Mr. Fondren loved the book. Our assignment: find 10 examples of chemistry used in the book. It turned out not to be that hard.


Hey guys! Thanks for commenting hehe:) Hmm, I can't seem to get up a reply button for comments so I'll just reply in this one comment! It's gonna be really long so do bear with me!

@KC Weldon: I've never read Nora Roberts though I've been hearing great things about her! I really should start reading some of her books:)

@mooderino: I know, it sometimes varies with me too!

@Tara Tyler, The Nobles Clan, RaShelle Workman, Holly Michael, Jack Edwards Poetry, Nancy Stewart, lostinsidethecovers, cherie: Thanks guys! :D

@Elise VanCise, Christine Rains: Yep, my headache is better! :D Thanks:)

@Susan Gourley/Kelley: I don't think I'll ever stop reading Judith Mcnaught! I just love her books to bits! ;D

@Kat Balcombe: Yep, they really are! I've met really great and nice authors who have been super patient with me even when I had a million questions for them:D

@Libby: Hmm, never heard of her, but I'm sure she's great! :D It's hard not to love them when they write so awesome books, is it not?

@Rae: Good luck with that! I'm sure you'll be able to do it! :D

@The Writing Goddess: Though I've never heard of any of them, I'm sure they're all great in their own ways! :) But then again, I'm mostly a romance reader so I don't know a lot of other authors:(

@Grammy: Hey! :D Sigh, I remember the holidays when I could read a book a day. Now that school has started, I've read maybe one or two a month? For a hardcore book reader, its been hard to adapt:(

@Jeremy Bates: That books sounds really interesting! I'm gonna have to go check it out:) And yeah, the first authors were amazing. Without them, who knows what could have happened to the book world?

@melody-mae: I love James Patterson too!

@Beverly Diehl: The Hunger Games are oh so freaking amazing:) I want to watch the movie! And I totally get what you mean. They can just string words together and arouse so much emotion in you. Its' pretty damn amazing, thinking about it!

@Sharon Tyler: Tamora Pierce has always been one of my favorites too! :) Love her Tortall series:) I do know what you mean, sometimes there are other romance authors like Johanna Lindsey that just become my favorite!

@Dawn Dalton: Wow, really? Maybe its because I'm more of a read just one author kinda person! When I start reading a book from an author, I'll tend to read all his/her other books, provided they're in the genre I like. Which means I don't read a whole lot of authors! Unless you count Harlequin. That, I don't nail it down to just one author!

@Joanne: Wow, you're an author? Amazing! :) Yep, I'll be sure to check it out! :D

@Bookblogger: I used to not be able to do it too, but after reading JM, I really can't find anyone who has made me feel so much! But many authors have come really close, and others just can't be compared because of what they write!

@Claire Gillian: Julia Quinn! She's one of my favorites too! :D She never fails to make me laugh:) And you should read JM:P oops, shameless promotion of my favorite author here:D

@J.Day: I know right! Its just, wow. Thinking about it is crazy!

@Fran@Broken Cookies Don't Count: Books rock, don't they? And I know how hard it is to nail down just a few favorite authors!

@sterlingsop: I know, some authors just do that to you! That's what happened when I read JM. I just haven't gotten out of that stage. It's been what, 2 years? :P

@Masquerade Crew: That is just the coolest assignment ever! :D I want my teacher to give me that kind of assignment!

Wow, that took some time replying! Hopefully I haven't missed out anybody! Oh my goodness is it 3am??!!!! Alright, I'm getting to sleep, I have school tomorrow and I needa wake up at 6:(:(:(:( Nite guys! Thanks for all the awesome comments! I was reading them in school and couldn't help but smile:)


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