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I is for Infatuation

Infatuation. It's what almost every teenager will go through. It can be fun yet annoying as hell at times. Like what I'm experiencing now. It sucks. But let's not get into all that, it'll just make me depressed. Besides, this post isn't gonna be about me!

So yeah, linking back to my topic of books, what do you think about infatuation in books? Do you like reading about it? For me, I sure know i don't like it. Several reasons. Firstly, the heroine becomes real annoying. Ok fine, it's usually the heroine that gets on my nerves, especially when they're immature and whiny. I'm not saying the author did a bad job, they simply did too good of a job, making the character of the heroine as she is, thus getting on my nerves. Haha I know I can be immature and whiny like a lot of the time! But well... I don't like heroines like that! Its supposed to be a better world, so I guess I want them to be better? :P heh essentially I'm saying I don't like me... Hmmmm...

ANYWAY. Another reason why I don't like infatuation in books is that I really support true love. Infatuation isn't close to love, not by a long stretch. I especially can't stand it when the heroine goes absolutely crazy in front of her crush. You see, she probably got a crush because he was oh so hot or something. Haha ok that sounds offensive especially since in real life, we girls tend to go crazy over hot guys. But well, what I like in a book isn't what happens in real life. I mean, I'm experiencing that so I want something different. Ok I think if I carry on, I'm probably gonna insult some people inadvertently. But back to my point. I like love because they fall in love not because of looks but the character.

These are just a couple of reasons why I dislike infatuations in books. Which is why I cannot stand high school romance. Of course, no offence meant to those that write/love high school romance. This is just a personal preference! :D

Sigh. Thinking about crushes is getting me depressed again. I guess it just sucks when the guy you like just doesn't feel the same. He apparently used to a little, but got over it. :( Oh well. Let's not think of him anymore! :D

So yep, thanks for reading! What do you like/dislike about infatuations in books? Or do you have a personal story you would like to share? :D

And I know how far back I am! Oh well, I'll try my best to catch up. Life has been crazy:(


I agree, high school romances can be somewhat immature. That's why all my male romantic interests are older, aged like good wine (i.e. Colin Firth...mmmm :)

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