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G is for God

So, another of those posts that will have nothing to do with books! After all, God has been a huge part of my life, without Him, I would be completely lost. Given that yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter Sunday, what better time than to thank Him for all He has done for me?

I do apologise if I sound a bit preachy here, I can't help it! :D So yes, let's begin!

I've been a Christian since birth. Since young, I've always been taught to count on God in everything. Though I've failed many many times, I do keep trying. Sometimes, I do forget though. So yes, I really want to thank Him for all the blessings He's showered me with. I know a lot of you reading this may not believe what I do, but I sincerely believe that He exists. Because He has shown me how real He is in my life.

If I started listing all His blessings, this post would never end. So yes, I just wanted to say, no more like thank God for everything. There were many times I didn't know where to go or what to do, sometimes they were small, like doing an exam question, at times big, like deciding my school. All I can say is that He has never failed to let me down, though I've always fallen short of His glory.

Ah well, all I really want to say is that God is someone that I simply can't live without. He has loved me in every single conceivable way.

So yep, I'm gonna end here, before I start getting repetitive or too preachy! :D


His blessings have been huge in my life.
Have a wonderful Easter!


What a wonderful post. I'd be lost without HIm and His mercy and forgiveness and love. Happy Easter! He is risen!


Wonderful post.
Happy Easter,

Thanks for coming by my post via the A to Z, much appreciated,



Amen! It's great to put your faith out there unashamed.

I'm stopping by from A-Z. Have a great Challenge, and Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Coffee in the Garden


So would I! A little late, but Happy Easter!


It was enjoyable visiting your blog!


Thanks! It's a bit late, but happy Easter to you too!


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