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Hey guys,

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting reviews. I haven't had the mood to write any. I'll get them done ASAP. I promise. Give me till the end of Jan. I'll be up to date with all my reviews. About 31 of them. Yes, I know its difficult. But I promise you, I'll do it. I won't read until I finish my reviews, that's serious I am about it. I'll read until the 31st, then I'll have to stop to review. I have 14 books to complete between now and the 31st, and its not gonna be easy!

Ok so the main point of this post was to inform you guys that I'll be offline for the next few days. I'll be away at camp from the 21st to the 24th. I'll only reach home maybe around 2? By the time I catch up with everything, it'll probably be at night, but I'll try to get some reviews done by then. On the 25th, I'll be leaving for Hong Kong around noon and only return on the 30th in the evening. So yeah, I'll be away a lot. But if I can get internet connection, I'll try posting something. Not reviews though, I can't do all those necessary things on my iPod touch. Wait, I may have a way though. If I can, I will.

So yeah. I'll be really very busy. And I want to apologise to all those who are reading this blog of mine. Yeah, I know it isn't many, but I still have a responsibility to those that do. I know my blog hasn't been active at all for the whole Nov/Dec period. I know I said it would be more active during this period cos it was my hols, but I didn't foresee taking up a holiday job for about 3 weeks. Those 3 weeks really took out a lot from me. I barely got time to read, let alone blog. Yes, I know I could do all those memes, but that's cos I could do it fast. Sigh. I will commit more time to blogging. I promise. When Jan comes, I intend to take part in some blog tours, so I'll definitely have to blog more.

Sigh. I hope I'll be able to post before the 30th. Actually, I'll schedule a post on the 27th, seeing as its my birthday *hint hint* :P and the TTT for that day is awesome, I can't not post about it. Alright then, better go! It's almost 1.30 here, and I have to be up around 7-8 cos I need to be at church by 9.30! Yeah, its a church camp. I'm really excited! :D And I'll read and review even there. I promise. I have to actually, I need to complete my GR challenges. Not easy, but I'll do it. Oh well, have to spam Harlequins!

Ok that's it from me for now! See you guys soon! :D

Take care! Bye:D

Oh yes, and have a blessed Christmas and enjoy the remainder of your hols!

P.S. I have no idea how I'm supposed to wake up tomorrow!!!! :(


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