Always a Booklover

The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?

X marks the spot

X is a crazy difficult letter to write about. Honestly, the only word that comes into my mind when I see the letter X is xylophone. I don't even know why.

When I see the phrase, X marks the spot, I think of treasure. When I was a kid, I used to think of treasure as a chest that was spilling with gold necklaces and gold and just shiny things like that. But now, if I were to ever open a treasure chest, I would love to see it filled with old books. Old papers, old parchments, things that just tell a story.

Treasure is different for everyone. What is your treasure?

And I'm sorry for the late and sucky post. I just can't really think. Kinda sick right now:(


This is very long overdue. But I really want to write this!

I love water. The sound of the waves breaking on the shore, the sound of the rain pattering against my windows. That is what comforts me. For as long as I can remember, I have loved water. Water is something I truly love. I can sit at the beach in the sea for a very long time alone, but yet not feel lonely. Its my favorite place to be honestly. Just so nice to sit down there and just listen and feel.

I remember last year, I was overseas with my family and friends. I got separated from the group because I was reading. On my way to look for them, I came across this beautiful fountain. I think I spent a good 15 minutes there just enjoying the presence of water and being in something so majestic. I would have stayed longer, but I figured I shouldn't worry the group I was with!

Do you like water? :)


I realised I'm a whole day behind with all my posts, oh no. This post is for V! I'll be writing my W post next!

So, visualizing. Do you find it difficult to visualize? If you ask me to think of a specific thing and just picture how it should look like, I couldn't do it. The image would never take form in my head, or at least, not the image that should be in there. I know, I'm horrible in it.

But yet, when it comes to books for some reason I can visualize the whole scene in my head. Which is weird because I normally can't visualize. Which is why I love it when an author gives me a good description of a scene but not overly done, showing instead of telling. That's the kind of scenes I like the most.

Haha fell asleep before I could post this. I still have a W post to write! Then I have to prepare for the X post!


I know this post is late. But, I feel like being sad today. Don't ask, typical teenager hormones that get so annoying. But yeah, I wanted to write a bit. A little bit of what I would typically write about when I'm sad. Hmm. First time ever posting something like that for so many to see.

But could you understand? Could you know this pain inside of me? Feel the way I do? When all I want is to just break down and cry, to just give up or give in. How do I choose, how? You say you understand, but you don't, not really. Because how could anyone really understand? No one experiences pain the same way. But thank you for at least trying.

The one thing I do know though, is that only God truly understands. And that in itself, is the best thing I could ask for right now. Because even when I turn away, He understands. He understands the pain. The question is, why don't I trust? 

I know this is a very typical cry of teenagers. But sometimes, I wish people did understand and left me alone. Because some things, I have to go through alone. And of course, it sucks that the person who understands the most, just cannot be there in the way that I truly need.

I am so sorry, I just needed to write. Not addressed to anyone in particular though! 

Time Travel

I used to love time travel books. I loved the whole idea of going back and forth in time and doing something that would change the future. But slowly, as I grew up, as I read more, I started to stop loving it. While I still found the whole idea behind it cool, I just stopped loving it.

In real life, we always say, if only I could turn back time. Or we want to go forward in time. Yet, we can't do that. We have to live and just experience it all. So perhaps it is time to live life in the here and now and not focus on other things. What's most important to me though, is to live life without regrets!

I have no idea why I wrote the second paragraph haha. But in any case, as I was saying, I used to enjoy books with time travel, but maybe it's just me, but I don't really read time travel books that I enjoy that much. Any recommendations?

Science Fiction

I love science fiction books. Yeah, call me a nerd haha but truly, they're amazing. Science can be so amazing and it just makes the book seem so much better with all that technology.

Out of science fiction, one of my favorites will always be space travel. Since young, I've been fascinated by it. There's just something about discovering new worlds that I simply adore.

And recently, I've discovered a new part of science fiction I love. Eugenics. Which is essentially the creation of super humans by manipulating their DNA. What's funny is, I'm learning it in school now, but it's just so much better when it put into books. I think I first loved it when I read the Double Helix series by Jade Kerrion. There were mutants and things like that in there too! It's like, one of the coolest parts of bio! It's just so interesting to think about I feel:)

So yep, that's it for now. Sorry for the late post, fell asleep last night before I could post!


Romance. Why do I love romance so much? How did I even get started on it? All I know is that one day I decided to pick up a romance novel, a couple of stories by Iris Johansen. I was immediately addicted. I realised that was what I was looking for in a book. It had angst, a good hero and heroine, and just about what I really wanted to read! That was how it all started.

Along the way, I discovered historical romances. The first I ever read was The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey I believe. It was simply put, amazing. It was what got me started on historical romances. It was just so, so beautiful that I could not put it down.

But as to why I love romance so much. I was thinking about it last time and I came up with a few reasons. Firstly, romance novels help me to believe that true love really does exist. I know these books are just fiction. But they made me start to realise that there had to be something that was true love if people could actually write about it.

It also gave me hope. In a world that is becoming increasingly corrupt, where more and more crimes are committed that just baffles us, romance novels just make me believe that love can still exist. And because of this love, we aren't all goners yet. That there is just that little bit of hope, that bit of brightness left in this world.

Romance novels made me believe that love could conquer all. Seeing the characters going through so much, but yet staying together, made me feel that if one truly loved your significant other, anything could happen. It may just be fiction, but I think they truly gave me hope.

At first, I was always shy of admitting I love romance novels. People automatically associate these kind of readers as empty-headed, idealistic people. Well, maybe. But now, I'm not afraid to say I love romance. Sure, romance isn't a genre for everyone. But to me, its still the best genre created.

After picking up romance, I simply cannot read a book without any form of romance in it at all. I find it difficult to read. Yes, some books can pull it off. But these books are far and few in between.

Do you like romance novels? Whoa this was a pretty long post.

Quiet... I'm reading!

Oops late post again! Slipped my mind, sorry!

For all those book lovers out there, how do you feel when you're interrupted from your book? For me, I get so so annoyed when someone interrupts me from reading. I require loads of self control to not snap at that person to be honest. Generally, I'll just try to ignore the person until they go away and leave me in peace to read.

But why do I need silence, for others to be quiet when I read? Maybe it's because when I'm reading, I'm off in another world, where for once, I can pretend that the worries of my life don't exist and I can just live that amazing life through the eyes of the characters. But the moment someone disturbs me, I'm shaken rudely out of that world. And once again, I have to remember all the things that I was trying to escape from through reading.

Do you get annoyed when people disturb you when you read? Or when you're doing things that you enjoy? Are you like me, and you need that peace and quiet to read? What do you do in that event? :)

Alright, on to my R post now! :)


Paranormal stories. They are stories that exist in our world, yet with a twist. Suddenly, the shadows come to life, suddenly what we are told is impossible, comes to life, right in the world we live in. Vampires, werewolves, these are just a couple of examples of paranormal books.

To be honest, I'm kinda sick of paranormal books with vampires in them. I just feel its so overrated. Some books are fine, but I'm extremely picky about vampire books. I just can't stand the whole blood sucking thing. I don't know, but it just isn't sexy to me.

My favorite paranormal series is without a doubt the Dark Hunter series by Sherilyn Kenyon. It really is very good and I love reading about her characters. The heroes. Oh. My. Gosh. They are too sexy for their own good. And one of my favorite heroes from all time? Acheron. From the Dark Hunter series. I swear I'm in love with him. Too damn freaking amazing for words to describe.

One branch of paranormal books I cannot stand either. Historical paranormal books. I just can't. I mean, I love historical books. And most paranormal books that I read? I love them too! But put them together, its just a huge no no. Historical romances are just about the most beautiful romances to me, in the whole romance world. There's just that little spark, that little magic to that era that truly makes you feel transported into another world. But add in paranormal books, and I feel it just takes away that magic.

Oh, I don't really like shifter books either? I don't know, but I guess its the whole not liking animals thing, that just turns me off those books!

Generally speaking though, I do enjoy most paranormal books. I mean, apart from the whole overused story plots, I must say that paranormal characters are generally hotter. Yes, yes. I know I'm shallow, but oh well! And because of this hotness, it makes the books just that much nicer to read! And I guess that whole being able to do things that normal humans can't do is pretty damn sexy too.

Do you like paranormal books?


So yep, this post is late again. So sorry. I'm gonna write the P post right after this yeah!

O. This letter isn't easy to write about. I honestly have no clue what to write about. Actually, I'm just typing random words now, hoping for some inspiration to strike. Ok, let's get down to this.

Reading a book is like opening a door into a new world. When you throw open a door, at first you don't know what's going on. But slowly, things begin to register in your mind. You slowly start to see the entire room. And when you do, its so beautiful. Its similar to a book. When you open the book to the very first page, you have no idea what's going on. But slowly as you read more, as you immerse yourself into this new world, its such an amazing escape from reality. The reason I read is because of this escape. And that for a while, the world seems perfect. Problems seem like they can be solved and it tells me that true love can conquer all. Opening this door is sometimes a scary process too. Sometimes, my expectations are too high. I'm afraid that I'll get disappointed when I read. But I'm thankful that has hardly ever stopped me. If not, I might just have not discovered some of the most amazing books, stories and worlds out there.

And every time I think of this word, I think about the doors that God has opened in my life. In so many ways, He has blessed me. He has opened so many windows of opportunities for me. Every time I think about this, I feel blessed. Because it just shows me His love for me.

So yep, that's it for this O post. Thanks for visiting!


Oops so this post is a day late. Sorry! Slipped my mind! Anyway, names. I think names in books are very important. It subconsciously determines whether I enjoy the book or not. Especially the hero's name. If it's a horrible name, I will just find myself unable to enjoy the book. In certain ways, it determines whether I can relate to the character.

Once, I recall reading a book with the hero named Peyton. I couldn't enjoy the book. Because every time I saw his name, I burst out in laughter. Quite horrible of me, I know but this is just one of my pet peeves.

What about you? Do you have a peeve about names too?


We all face our own form of mountains in our lives. Sure, they are difficult to get through, but the journey is always worth it. Some mountains seem so high and so hard to cross, but yet, we all have to face them in the end.

I've tried running away from my own mountains that I've faced in my life. Yes, it isn't a very long life, I mean, I'm only 18. But yet, through the process of running away and coming back to the very same mountain, is what has helped me to grow, especially with regards to my trust in God. As a girl raised in a Christian household, I have always been taught to trust in God. Of course, it was easier said than done. Yet, with all the mountains that seemed so big at that time, it truly helped me to trust in Him. Of course, these mountains must not seem very tall to many of you who have experienced much worse. But still, they are what have made me the person I am today.

Even if I had a choice, I wouldn't run away from these mountains. I would choose to face them bravely, face that unknown future with faith, hope and love. This year, I'm going to be facing some of the largest mountains I have ever faced, in terms of relationships, studies and more. I'm already going through a mountain that for the first time, I'm questioning if love is enough. Its a painful mountain, but I know it will teach me so much. This year, is my A levels. Here in Singapore, it means a lot. It basically determines what course you can take in university, and essentially is the start of my career. And for that reason, I won't be able to post as frequently! So yep, these are just 2 of the mountains I'm facing right now.

And every time I think of the word mountain, the song "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound Of Music just starts playing in my mind. I love that song, it truly is very inspiring. By the way, The Sound Of Music is one of my favorite movies! Captain Von Trapp omggg. Such a sexy actor and character;) hahaha ok:)

Do you dread the mountains in your life? And if you do, press on and one day, you will cross that mountain! :)


We all want to be loved. Who doesn't? To find that special someone that means the world to us, that we can just be ourselves around. I guess that's one reason why I read. It helps me to believe in love, that true love can really exist, even when in the past, I couldn't experience it for myself?

Love in books is very crucial to me. Especially if its romance. I'll talk more about why I love romance in my R post, but for now, let's just talk about why I need to feel the love between the characters! That love is what makes the book feel real to me. It helps to break that wall between the book and me, and make me experience the story, rather than just being told it. If I cannot feel the love between the characters, I will not be able to enjoy the book. In fact, I would get extremely bored reading it.

Love is just amazing. It strengthens you, comforts you, makes you want to be a better person. In so many ways, love truly overcomes every obstacle.

And to end off, this is one of my favorite passages from the Bible. I think it truly shows how love should be like. Love in its purest and simplest form, the way God loves us. That's the way I want to love others!

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Keep Going On

It's easy to want to give up. It's normal, and something I experience everyday. Even in books, you see characters facing tremendous difficulties, heartbreaks, problems, and all they want to do is to give up. Yet, somehow, they never do. Somehow, they fight on, they survive. And it inspires me. I know its just fiction, and these characters don't even exist. Of course its easy to say not to give up, but its so so difficult. Yet, these are the characters that speak to me. I love reading about these strong-willed characters. They are willing to fight all the way for what they love and they simply never give up.

Keep going on even when its difficult. We all know that. But yet, somehow, its just so difficult. I mean, look at this post! It's already... A day late? And we're barely halfway into the challenge. I must admit, I have thought about pulling out of the challenge. But I told myself, 'I'm not giving up, I'm gonna do this!' And here I am, writing this post that is a day late. But this is how I'm just gonna keep going on, even in a small challenge like this.

But back to books! Going on when the going gets tough. Its just so amazing to read about these characters, even if they aren't real. Maybe its because of the faith that the characters show that just makes me want to have that same faith and just keep going on.

This year, I determined that it would be a year of change. I am going to keep on going. I'm not gonna give up, and it starts with this challenge! :)


So, I haven't done a post about books in a bit. So this will be about books! Jealousy in books, to be more exact.

I love jealousy in books. Yes, too much can be annoying and make you feel like the characters are overbearing. But I just somehow feel that with jealousy in the picture, you can really begin to see how the characters start to fall for each other. The first step is always that irrational jealousy. It's quite cute and funny when I see how characters try to deny that jealousy actually.

Maybe it's because I can identify with them. I mean, I face that sense of irrational jealousy all the time. I guess it's pretty normal, especially when you're growing up. It does get annoying though, when that jealousy starts to erode trust.

But in books, when there's jealousy, there's possessiveness. And I just feel it to be so sweet when a couple is possessive of each other. Not possessive in the sense of trying to control whatever the other party is doing, but rather possessive as in saying that "that person's mine. Stay away!" Yep that kinda thing haha.

Do you like jealousy in books? Why/why not?

Sorry for the late post by the way! Been falling asleep:(


Our imagination is an amazing thing. Out of it comes the most amazing stories, the most beautiful dreams. I am so thankful for authors' imaginations. Without it, I wouldn't have the books that I love, without it, I would have not known the joys of reading. Of being immersed in another world, in another person's imagination. And that is beautiful.

I think having an imagination is one of the most amazing things ever. Everyone imagines something, even if its just a small dream. But imagination leads to dreams, dreams lead to hope, and hope carries us so far.

And when your dreams come true, when what you imagined takes flight, there is nothing that can be better. I like to think I have a rather good imagination. I won't say what I imagine about here, cos I honestly imagine too much. Sometimes, I'm too fanciful. But while I can imagine, I can't write it out in words. I will not even try and ruin the writing world. That is something I should not even attempt to break into. I've tried of course, but the words just don't flow in the way I want them to!

So yes, imagination. What do you think about it? Do you like it?


Heartbreak. The most painful of all emotions, but one everyone will go through eventually. No one likes heartbreaks, but it makes us stronger, shapes us, and teaches us the most valuable of lessons.

I always used to wonder what heartbreak was like. I wondered whether would it be as painful as how it looked like in books, or in movies, or even perhaps from what others said. I thought it would be fine, that yes, it would be painful, but not that bad. I was wrong. So so wrong.

I didn't expect it to be this way. Words can't accurately capture pain, its just not possible. But it hurts, it truly does. Yet in every way, this makes me stronger. Even through all this, I know that God is there. And that helps to take away some of the pain. But not all. Just a little bit.

Sometimes, the pain just freezes you in your tracks. It steals your breath, as the memories flash back. Bittersweet. I never understood that until I experienced heartbreak. Every memory is so sweet, but yet, so painful, now that you know it will never be.

Then again, as painful as this is, I would go through tenfold of it, if it meant I could take away his pain. And while I know that this will fade sooner or later, in one way or another, that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And I guess the most difficult part is smiling when all you want to do is to just cry.

Alright, a bit of an emo post here, but well, I was feeling emo. So sorry for the late post, I forgot:( Writing my I post now!


There are many things in life we have to be thankful for. But so many times, we miss that chance to be grateful, to say thank you. So today, I wanted to take this post to thank a few people.

First, of course, its God. Lord, thank You for never giving up, never letting go, even when I let go. Even when I doubted, You showed me Your undeniable reality. Thank You for that love that truly never fails.

Next, will be my family. I don't show them enough love, enough concern, enough gratitude. But everything they've done has made me who I am today. Blood is always thicker than water and I guess as much as sometimes I just want to run away from them, want to be free, I know that I couldn't live without them.

My friends. These are the people who didn't have to love me, who didn't even have to like me, but yet, somehow, they did. Never failed to support me, never failed to give me hope and push me on.

Lastly, but certainly not the least is you. This person is so special to my heart. He's the first guy I've loved, the first person that has shown me what love is. I never had a chance to say this, but I am beyond grateful for all the little things you do for me. Every thing just made me love you more. And yes, right now at least, we can't have anything. But I will not forget, I will hold on.

I know that this isn't anything about books, but well, I just don't really wanna talk about books right now haha. Sorry for the late post by the way! Completely slipped my mind! Time to write my H post now!


We all have fantasies of our own. Who doesn't? We fantasize about all sorts of things, especially when you're around my age. I'm 18 this year, by the way. I dream a lot. I dream about my future, about falling in love, about all these things. I love these fantasies. Because while it may never happen, it helps me to think of a brighter future, and that keeps me happy.

As for fantasy in books, I really love this genre. Yet, I feel that fantasy must come with a good world building. Without good world building, the book will seem incomplete and it would feel weird. That's because you're thrown into a whole new world. It won't work without a good world building that describes the world to you, that makes you understand its rules. And maybe that's what is so difficult about writing fantasy. Building that world without being seen as throwing the world in people's faces or just giving a lot of info dumps. But some authors, are amazing at doing that. And when its successfully done, it makes the book that much more enjoyable to read.

Of course the plot is important, of course the characters are! But with a good world, I find myself lost in that world, that I start imagining, even if just for a while, that our world is just like that world, that it obeys those rules. Maybe not so much nowadays, because it really is time for me to outgrow my fantasies and start living properly, but it certainly was a big part of my life in the past. I'll talk more about it in my 'I' post! Imagination is that word there!

Do you like fantasy? Do you like fantasizing like me, maybe? :) Fantasizing is a huge part of my life. And its especially amazing when the fantasy comes to life, in one way or another. And somehow, even though it never turns out like how you imagined, it always is perfect, in its own special way. Especially falling in love. It is never the way you think it will be, but the way it happens, is just so amazing that you wouldn't rewrite those memories for anything else. Because that is what has happened to me. Which I might just talk about another time! :)


We all have emotions. As much as sometimes we don't want to feel, we still do. But yet, these emotions let us explore the most exciting parts of life, the parts that no one can live without. Emotions can be painful, yes, but it can also be so amazing.

But I think the greatest of all these emotions is love. Oh yes, there is a tremendous risk involved with allowing our heart to fall. In letting those walls down, we expose ourselves to hurt, to the possible risk of heartbreak. But yet, I think it's all worth it in the end.

A book that can capture my emotions, make me feel like how the characters are feeling, a book that puts me through the same heartbreak as them, and even make me fall in love like how they do is certainly a book that I love. This emotional connection to books are essential and I love a book that can give me that!

Perfect by Judith Mcnaught is one book that does that. I remember there's one scene in the book that will never fail to make me cry, just seeing that depth of love. The emotion involved between the two characters are just so so strong and so real, you feel so much for them.

This is another reason as to why I read! I mean, the emotions that make you feel so much, at times make me believe that one day I could experience all those things. Yes, it's fiction, but yet, there is a chance that feelings and emotions could be so perfect. And that chance gives me hope.

Sorry for the late post by the way!


I love dystopian worlds. Every time I see a book marked with the genre of dystopian fiction, I instantly am attracted to it. Why? I really don't know. Maybe there's just something so attractive about the Earth being so different, so different from normal life. I'm someone that needs change/ I cannot stand seeing the same things, hearing the same rules, obeying the same things all the time. I need change. I guess the attraction from dystopian societies come from a whole different Earth. Its an Earth where the rules are changed, where society just doesn't function the same way anymore. And yes, I guess I'm just sick of it. I know I'm a bit young to be so disillusioned, but I truly cannot stand the way the world works at times.

What'r more. I love the way humans function in a dystopian society. When everything is changed, when it is turned around, you start seeing the different sides to humans. You see the strength of the human race, that resilience that have enabled us to live and thrive throughout the years. Yet, you also see the bad side. The cruelty of man, where they only look out for themselves.

I just love thinking of dystopian societies, of dystopian worlds. What do you think? Do you like them too?


Comfort. Something that everyone needs. We find comfort in many things we do, for some it's reading (like me), for others it could be writing.

Sometimes, reading is so comforting. Do you ever feel like you are just so relaxed when you do what you like? That's the exact reason why I love to read. That escape from the world, to just forget everything and be immersed in a world where anything is possible is just so amazing.

But I think, the fact that we're all participating in this challenge is showing that we're willing to step out of our comfort zone. This isn't gonna be easy, but my fellow A-Zers, let's do this together! :)

This year I have really determined to step out of my comfort zone and do things a different way. 2013 shall be a year of change!

What do you like to do to feel comforted? And do you like stepping out of your comfort zone?

Oh and sorry for the late post! I fell asleep before managing to post this! And I just have no inspiration to write heh. Was reading through last year's challenge posts and I realised I wrote a lot better last time and then I got sad:/ haha yep so hope you like this post!


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Every time I open a book, there's always this question at the back of my head. Will this become a new favorite? Will this become one of the best books I've read? Many times, I'm disappointed, not because the book is poorly written, but because it just doesn't live up to my expectations. But the moment the book strikes that perfect note within you, the moment the book just is so fantastic, you're left speechless while reading it, the moment that you mentally give a standing ovation to the entire story, that moment makes reading worth it. That is the reason I read. When that spark happens, when you find that one perfect book, you will understand what I mean. I'm sure, many of us have read that sort of book before. The kind of book that just sticks with you, staying in your memory. And when you can simply call it, the best.
One problem however is that it's just so difficult to find another book to compare sometimes. Because my mind makes all those comparisons that can take away the qualities of another book.

Here are some of my favorite books that I've read. In no particular order,

1. The entire Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban. Amazing. Beyond amazing even. This is a series that I'll just read and I can't stop.

2. Anything written by Judith Mcnaught. Too many to put a picture but she's my all time favorite author. But the best are books like Whitney, My Love. 

3. The Double Helix series by Jade Kerrion. Amazing. I have no words. 

4. Am I honestly going to name the books I feel are the best? I think there's too many. Yes, I know that by its very definition, best should be only one. But when it comes to books, I just don't think so!

 What are some of the best books that you've read? Do they inspire you to read more? 


So, I have to admit. I completely forgot about this. Time just passed by so quickly and recent events just  made this slip my mind totally. Then I realised yesterday, oh no, tomorrow's the first, and I haven't even gotten remotely started on anything. I don't even have a theme. Last year, I didn't manage to complete the challenge. This year, I hope I will. And since I haven't actually stated my theme yet, my theme for this year will be about books. Of course, I think I want to throw in some of my own personal life here and there. Ok you know what? That sounds like I really don't have a theme. I guess books will be the main focus, in any case. I'll attempt to link everything I write to books! Alright, I've rambled long enough, time to really get started!

Theme of the challenge is books!
So, today's word of the day is Angst. Now, I have a small confession to make. I love love love angst in books. It rips my heart out, makes me want to cry, but without it, the book just isn't perfect. But what is it exactly? It is basically feelings of distress, of anxiety and of anguish. That anguish when two souls are ripped apart by the circumstances of this world tears right through me. But yet, it's all worth it in the end when I read about the HEA.

Every time I see books with angst inside, or at least from what the reviews say, I instantly move it up my TBR list. Personally, I prefer angst in adult romance. This is a very general statement, but in many YA romances, angst becomes very immature when its placed on the characters. And it makes the girl seem overly weak which I cannot stand.

But of course, in real life, let's leave out all of that emotion, shall we? It's painful, way too painful to think about. I rather life be happy, as unrealistic as that sounds. Yet another reason to show how books and life should stay separate. I don't think I would survive with the amount of angst that I sometimes read about. My heart literally aches for the characters, and they are not even real. Imagine if the same thing happens in real life. *shudders*

For you, what do you think of angst in books? Do you love it like me? I sure hope you do! Any recommendations for books with angst inside?


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