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Why I haven't been posting much

Hey guys!

I think most of you have noticed that I haven't been posting much, and certainly not any reviews recently. I want to apologise for that. Right now, I'm in junior college in Singapore. It's really crazy here. The stress levels and the expectations on me are rocketing to unbelievable levels and yes, it's getting to me.

So, I wanted to tell you guys that I won't be posting so regularly, especially for the next month! One of the most important exams of my life is coming up Sept 26th. If I pass that, I can go to the next year. If I don't, well, I'll have to repeat. Sure, it may not seem like such a big deal, and it isn't, but I do want to do well. I made myself a promise.

Hence, the only things you'll see here for now are blog tours. I know I was supposed to feature a lot of authors on my blog and I will, but after my exams when I have more time. They end Oct 2nd so by then, if I'm not posting regularly, feel free to hate me! :P

Hehe so yes, thanks to my regular readers (if I even have any haha, I don't think I'm that interesting!) and to everyone who has supported this blog one way or another!

My blogoversary is coming up in a couple of months. So, if I can, I would like to host some big giveaway for you guys as thanks! I never thought I could actually blog for so long! However, I'm not sure if I can find any author to work with though! If you're an author and you think you may want to participate in this, please contact me! You can find my email on my sidebar on in the About Me section.

Love you guys, promise I'll be back soon! :) And more reviews and memes and things like that! After my exams, I should be relatively more free so yep, do stick around:)

Thanks for all the support!

Victoria <3


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