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Review Tour: The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich

Hey guys! Welcome to today's review tour! Sorry its a little late, I literally just finished writing my review and I'm posting this in the exact next second! So yep, enjoy and I hope you'll think about getting this book! It was a good read.

The Silver Sphere

First Published: 19 November 2012
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Format: Ebook
Finished Date: 31 December 2012

Shelby Pardow never imagined she could kill someone. All she wants to do is hide from her troubled father… when she is teleported to awaiting soldiers on the planet Azimuth. Here she is not a child, but Kin to one of the six Aulic Assembly members whom Malefic Cacoethes has drugged and imprisoned. He seeks to become dictator of this world (and then Earth by proxy).

His father, Biskara, is an evil celestial entity, tracked by the Assembly with an armillary device, The Silver Sphere. With the Assembly now deposed, Biskara directs Malefic and the Nightlanders to their strategic targets. Unless….

Can Shelby find the other Kin, and develop courage and combat skills? Can the Kin reassemble in time to release or replace the Assembly, overthrowing Malefic and restraining Biskara?

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Michael Dadich

I’ve been writing since first setting pencil to steno pad at age 8. A year later, I began developing the world of my current series-in-progress, and even created its title, The Silver Sphere. Now, with the support of years of experience, those early maps and back stories have progressed into what I hope is a fresh and entertaining take on the classic young adult fantasy adventure.

Despite my frequent escapes into parallel worlds, I root myself firmly in my very real family and community. When not pacing the yard maniacally after every few pages of writing, I spend as much time as possible hanging out with my studly 9-year-old son, and my inspirational wife Jenna. I also coach several local youth sports teams in Beverly Hills, and alternate between yelling at my two crazy Corgis and hiking with my trained German Shepherd.

For more, join me in my favorite fantasy worlds, from Lord of the Rings to the creations of C.S. Lewis, Anne McCaffrey and Terry Brooks. Even more importantly, stop by and say hello on my Facebook page at AuthorMichaelDadich, tweet me at @MichaelDadich, and stalk my website at

And now, check out my review! :)

My Rating


My Review

The Silver Sphere was a good read. I really did enjoy it. Though I will not say that this book is without its flaws, I did feel that the good parts of the book far outweighed the bad! So yep, let's get started!
For the storyline, I found it to be really good and well thought out. While it wasn't flawless, I found myself drawn into this new world more and more. And perhaps its just me, but this world was a place I truly wanted to live on because it just seemed like such a perfect place. I really did find the whole world of Azimuth to have a great load of potential, and I’m certainly very excited to see how the author develops this world as the series progresses. There should be a next book right? You can’t just leave me like this!
So yes, character-wise, this book was full of them. Some might even say there were too many. For people like me, who have problem remembering names and characters, I found myself getting confused at parts. There were just too many characters that I kept forgetting who was who and whether they were good or bad or what they were supposed to be doing. Then again, it was a minor problem I guess!
Another issue I had was that the changing perspectives at the beginning of the book made it difficult to keep up. Let’s see if I can express this properly. You see, when we first start reading, it takes a while to get drawn into a character’s perspective and see things from that person’s eyes. What I felt was the problem was that the moment I started understanding things from that person’s view, the story moved to another character in another place. This made it difficult for me to keep up and understand some parts, especially in the beginning. But later on, when I got used to the story and actually understood what was going on, then I found it alright! J
And yes, overall, I felt that the plot was well thought out, with good portions of action inside it to satisfy. I liked the fact that the book wasn’t solely about the action but there was a good storyline and there was a good purpose to everything the characters were doing.
I have one minor complaint though. I just could not stand the romance in the book, if you can even call it that. While I’m a hopeless romantic, I just felt that the attraction the characters felt to each other were just very forced. And besides, they were running for their lives, to save Azimuth. Was there really so much time to think about a person in another way like what the characters did? I’m sorry, but this is just something I’m anal about!
Oh and I did enjoy reading about the main characters in this book. One thing I liked was having a glimpse of some of the characters life on Earth so as to help us better relate to the characters. I do hope, however, that all of the Kin will get more of a part. In this book, Shelby got most of the story, along with Max and Zach. I found myself wanting to know more about Emily, Riley and Stuart. I do hope that in the next books in this series, we’ll get to know more about them! In this book, I found the characters to be rather mature for their age. I loved that. I loved that there wasn’t much immaturity in the book and needless complaining (which I hate).
All in all, I really did enjoy reading this book, and I can’t wait for the next books in this series! Oh, I would have liked the action with Malefic at the end of the book to have been more drawn-out and suspenseful. Because, somehow, I feel that throughout the book he was talked about as some really great warrior and hence it would have been a little more difficult to defeat him, even if it was only temporary. A good read and definitely a series that I’ll be continuing.
P.S. Sorry if this review isn’t really that well-written, I found it really difficult to write this for some reason:(
Disclaimer: This ebook was provided free to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

So yep, that's about it for today! Thanks for visiting and I do hope you enjoyed today's review stop! :)


I, too, find it challenging when there are a lot of characters introduced--trying to keep everyone straight. Throw into that changing perspectives and I agree--it can be confusing. The fact that you're looking forward to the next book is a good endorsement.


Looks very intriguing!



Nice review.



Thx for the review, looking forward to reading The Silver Sphere.

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A do appreciate an honest review thank you.



Thank you for the honest review.



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