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Blog Tour: Fall by Cindy Paterson

This book simply looks great. While I have not had the time to get to it, I think I'm going to make time for it, even though I'm preparing for my exams. It just looks that good. Love triangle hmm. 

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: May 7th 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9917327-1-5

Number of pages: 244 approx.
Word Count: 98,000

Cover Artist: Mark Paterson

“He’s destroying me—us. I need him like my next breath, yet I’m suffocating.”

An unrequited love that has ripped her to pieces.

Delara has loved Waleron for over a century. Their intense chemistry is sensual, gripping, irresistible. But tragedy struck, and after sixty-one years of believing he was dead, Waleron returns a tortured man. He claims the man she loves is dead, yet the undeniable sexual tension still pulls them together.

“I am no longer the man you love, maitagarri. I am incapable of it.”

Waleron has given his oath to protect the Senses. He will sacrifice everything for them. But there is one Senses he has vowed to protect more than any other—Delara. He will do anything to make certain she is safe, even if it means he must deny her the love they once shared.

She is the hunted.

Delara’s life is in jeopardy and Waleron will do anything to protect her. But he never suspected that Xamien, the man he brings to help protect her is way more important to her than he ever knew.

Torn between two men and hunted by another, Delara must fight her hardest battle—herself.

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Cindy Paterson

I am Xamien’s secret lover. Well, in my head I am and since I’m single this is completely allowed. Some of you may ask, who is Xamien, don’t worry you will meet him soon enough, but no falling in love with him. He is all mine.

Writing books is a fantastic way to have adventures that are impossible to have otherwise. I mean do you really want to fall in love with Waleron? He is so unstable and would never pick up after your dogs or clean the litter box. Not to mention the fact that he is always out killing disgusting grave robbing bug people.

Curling up with a good book and losing yourself to another time and place is the greatest reward. Being able to feel a character’s emotions, their fears, pain and love. Now that is incredible. I relish in the books that stay with me long after they have ended. This is what I strive for in my writing. To give the readers, and myself, an escape into another world, my world.

I have been writing since I was twelve. My parents, sorry mom and dad, would send me to my room for an hour every night to do homework, and instead I wrote stories. Oops, guess that is why I did so bad in math.

I have never stopped writing since then and never will. It’s like an addiction, but a good one. I adore stepping into the shoes of a character and deciding their fate. The characters are why I write. I want to fall in love with them (even the bad ones), so that I care about what happens to them in a story. If I can’t care about the characters then why bother with the story.

I live in Toronto with a menagerie of pets that keep me on my toes.

Time for a short excerpt!

Waleron changed gears, and put his hand on top of hers. His thumb rhythmically stroked back and forth across the back of her hand. It was a gesture that she hadn’t anticipated out of Waleron.
She didn’t want to pull away, but knew she had to.
“We need to discuss a couple things, Maitagarri.”
Here we go. Waleron was always one for complete control over every situation and she was certain this situation was more than he’d ever projected having to deal with.
“You will never discuss where I live. Ever.” Fair enough. “A few rooms remain locked. Do not attempt to open them. For any reason.” Okay, so he had more secrets locked away. Figures. “You will not venture outside the premises.” She rolled her eyes. “And despite what I show you tonight, you will not speak of the Lilac. Do you understand me?”
“Pez, I know your narcissistic kaleidoscope of rules.”
“Then you know that I will accept nothing but compliance from you in my house.”
“I can follow a few rules, Pez. I’m a Senses. A warrior. Or have you forgotten that? Because it seems you’ve forgotten a hell of a lot lately. Like that I’m single and can fuck whoever I want and you dragging me away from him won’t stop that.”
“You’re trying to hurt me.”
“Damn right I am.” She had to and she hated it. But if it was the only way to protect him then she’d do it. He couldn’t lose his Taldeburu. She was hoping he’d turn the car around and change his mind after her harsh words. He didn’t.
“How long have you been with Xamien, Delara?”
Damn it, this is not something she wanted to discuss with him. Having him know that she went to Xamien after the bargain with Trinity, the witch-bitch—that she stayed with Xamien to heal from her emotional wounds Waleron cut into her soul. God, her pride would take a beating. He didn’t deserve to know she still was tortured.
“A while.”
He glanced at her and she recognized the scowl. It meant spit it out cause I’m not letting the issue go. Fine, he wanted the truth, he’d get it. “When you decided to sleep with Trinity, I went to Xamien.”
More silence.

And now, let's welcome Delara, main character of Fall for a short character interview.

the Senses Tracker Delara
Heroine of “FALL”

I’d like to welcome Delara from Cindy Paterson’s novel FALL to the blog today. FALL is the 3rd book in the Senses series, however it can be read as a standalone. FALL, among other things, is about the love triangle between Delara and two leaders of the Senses. 

Delara sits across from me and pours herself a coffee—black. “A Senses leader is called a Taldeburu. And it is much more than a love triangle as you’re well aware.”

“Yes, of course. Well, thank you Delara for joining us today.”

“My pleasure. When Cindy asked if I would come and answer a few quick questions I was hesitant. She asked that you not mention certain private matters?” I nod. “You understand the Senses have had some really devastating and upsetting few years. We’ve lost some good Senses. Some not so good.”

She wraps both her hands around her coffee and looks down at the liquid. She appears way more exotic than I realized after reading FALL. Small in stature, tough exterior, but I could finally see why two Taldeburu’s wanted this woman—hypnotic. Was it the sweetness in her soft features? Or the hidden mystery in her eyes? “I understand that. Sorry for your losses.”

Delara nods and gives a half smile. It looks like Jedrik took his knife to her hair again.  Jagged strands that are uneven and yet for some reason it suites her.

“So these are quick answer questions. I may ask if you can expand. Cool?”

“Sounds good,” she answers.

I clear my throat. “What turns you on?”


“I believe I know why, but perhaps you’d like to expand for our guests today?”

“To a point, sure. Waleron taught me how to grapple when I first joined the Talde—that is a group of Senses. If any of you know Waleron, you can imagine what he’s like when he is trying to teach you something. A brutal, relentless instructor. But my ability has saved my life a number of times, so totally worth it.”

“And it became more than grappling.”  I wink and Delara smiles. “What turns you off?”

She hesitates and I notice her running her hands up and down her thighs. Interesting. No pinching her thighs like she did in the novel. “Disappointment. In myself. Seeing someone you care about and they have this look in their eyes that goes right to the bones. Waleron could do that to me.”

I jump at the chance to integrate the other man in her life. “Xamien?”

Delara hesitates and I wonder what she’s thinking about. It’s obvious Xamien is really important to her. “Xamien has his own way of showing how he’s feeling. I suspect you know exactly what I’m referring too?”   

I do. Xamien had some interesting ways for a woman to forget her problems. It involved chocolate sauce and ropes. I was also sure he’d use the same tactic if he wanted his woman to know how disappointed he was with her. I notice Delara has this secret smile and I wonder if she is reading my thoughts. I’m forgetting that the Senses can easily read humans thoughts. “Type of underwear?”

Delara laughs. “Well, I will give you this, I love lace.”

“Least favorite word?”

“‘Try’ and if you’ve read FALL you know exactly why. And for those who have yet to read any of the books, well ‘try’ is a word you will see often coming from one particular Senses.”

“I loved Xamien’s horses. Did you get over your fear of them?”

She looks away and turns her mug slowly on the table. When she looks up again, I see tears glistening. “No. And yes. Xamien’s horses are trained with trust and respect. It is a bond between human and horse that is magical. Something natural and pure. Don’t think I’d trust just any horse.”

“Xadea following you and Xamien was pretty remarkable.” I quickly move on. “What enemy could you like?”

“A GQ helped us once. A good guy.”

“GQs. Can you expand on that for those that haven’t read the books?”

“Yeah, One of the Center World Other species. Best we can guess, they descend from certain bugs from the center of the earth. When they reach the surface they steal the bodies of dead people, and then become a real pain in the ass. GQs are the hardest to kill and we think they descend from the cockroach. Only way to kill them is decapitation.

“What did you think of Xamien when you first saw him?”

Delara laughs. “Well, the very first time I can’t remember, but the second time…hmmm. How do I say this? Xamien is sexy as hell and he knows it.” She tucks a few stray strands behind her ear. “There is no pretense with Xamien. He is Alpha all the way, like most Senses, but he has the power behind him to pull it off without a hitch. I swear when I saw him my body tingled from head to toe. He does that to a woman. But the worst part is Xamien knows he does and, at times, he uses it to his advantage.” She smiles. “He has an amazing heart though. Once you get past the bullshit, he’d do anything for those he cares about.”

“And he does care about you.”

She remains quiet. I can tell she is beginning to get uncomfortable by how her hand is rubbing her thigh again. Okay, end it now before her Senses man comes barging down my door. “Thank you Delara, for taking the time to talk with me and the readers. You are one lucky woman to have two hot dominant men after your heart.”

“Lucky? No, I’d never consider my situation lucky. Tragic. I care about both men a great deal…I love them both in very different ways. Hurting either of them is very painful.”

“Yes, I can imagine. I was torn between them. They both are…well, magnetic men shall we say.”

Delara hints at a smile. “Thank you Flame for having me. Cindy asked that I say thank you from her as well. I will be meeting her later to discuss some…issues regarding the next novel.”

“Care to share?” I cross my fingers.

Delara stands. “I wish I could, but the story is still in the writing process. Cindy may not be Senses, but she uses the backspace button—a lot.”

I stand and Delara reaches out to shakes my hand then walks to the door.

“Oh one more thing. It’s been a few months now, did you make the right choice, Delara?”

Delara looks over her shoulder and smiles. “He defines me.”

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So yep, that's about it for today! Thanks for visiting! :)


Fun character interview! I hope you enjoy the tour!


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