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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?

I'm back!

So, A Levels are almost done! I do realize I haven't actually been active for the longest time. But now, I really can't wait to come back to blogging and reviewing and being a blog tour host again! Its been so long, I really wonder whether I can remember how to write a review haha. But I'm looking forward to it:)


OMGGG me too!! Haha, I think I'm gonna take part in the mailbox memes that bloggers always post about on Sundays next week! I got 9 books ytd cause Anisha came over so we combined numbers. Why didn't you use the free book thing? You know for ytd and today they said they'll be having this buy 10 get 1 free thing? For thurs and fri it was something else!


Haha oh that sounds familiar! I may do that in the future heh:) Oh yeah, but I went on fri that's why! And I was busy on Sat and Sun heh.


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