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Keeper of My Heart by Darcy Flynn

First Published: 8 February 2012
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Format: Ebook
Finished Date: 12 February 2012


Katie McCullough doesn’t know it, but Max Sawyer, the over confident, irritatingly handsome hotel developer who outbid her for the lighthouse property, is none other, than her mystery lighthouse sailor. The one man who captured her heart five years earlier, the one man who has since been the plum line for every other unsuspecting male who has crossed her path. Unfortunately for Max, he doesn’t measure up either.

Still reeling from losing the property she’d planned to call home, sparks fly when Katie assumes Max is turning her beloved lighthouse compound into one of his ‘Serenity Spa Resorts.” Outraged, Katie sets out on a mission to dismantle the property…and his plans.

Except Max’s plans have absolutely nothing to do with hotels and everything to do with winning Katie’s heart.

My Rating


My Review

I really enjoyed Keeper of My Heart. It was a really sweet romance. Nothing heavy, just a light, simple read that left me smiling at the end of it. The plot was good and the characters in the book were mostly likable and really enhanced the storyline.

Katie was a very strong character. Though everything seemed to be going wrong for her, she somehow managed to keep living on and didn’t give up through it all. She’s really ingenious heh. Her ideas throughout the book especially the stealing part left me laughing and totally in awe of her. Not about the act, but about her thought processes.

As for Max, he was a great character too. However, I felt myself unable to completely like him. It seemed as if I was waiting for him to do something but that never happened. I found him very high-handed. Though it isn’t that bad on its own, I just feel that he was extremely proud and kept looking down on Katie. Sure, she wasn’t the most sensible of people. I guess I just didn’t like the way he treated her and the way he felt. I was hoping that he would really get hit by his conscience but he never did. Alright, he did, but it wasn’t really emphasized.

The plot of the whole book was good. I remember that when I first saw the blurb a month ago, I just knew I had to read it. And when I finally did, I can only say that I have no regrets. The book is impossible to dislike because of the way it was written. So sweet and simple, but yet, it had so much meaning. The whole plot fell together really nicely and was well thought out. I felt that the pace of the book was perfect and the events flowed really smoothly.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book. I guess the only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars was because it lacked that spark in it. A spark of passion. Sure, it was talked about, but I never felt it. That was what was lacking. However, I still really enjoyed the book. The dialogues the characters had were rather witty and I found myself smiling along with them at different intervals in the book.

Now, there really isn’t much that I can say about this book. Firstly, its really short. Secondly, about everything was fine with the book. There were no real problems, but at the same time, there wasn’t any part that really stood out. Thirdly, I’m so tired I can’t think. Oh wait. I do remember some things that I enjoyed. I really liked it when Max finally got struck by his conscience. I was really annoyed with him throughout quite a bit of the book. He just expected Katie to fall into his arms and obey his every command right from the start. I couldn’t stand that, and hence, I was secretly delighted when he was put in his place. Everytime he discovered how much he had hurt Katie, I was just right there laughing at him.

Hmm, what else is there to say? Alright, just a short bit about the storyline. I found it rather interesting most of the time. I mean, I was addicted to it; I couldn’t put the book down. I guess it really did appeal to me and all I wanted was to see Katie and Max get their HEA. Though both had their own share of problems, especially Katie in the beginning, I’m glad to say that most of the problems were worked through and resolved. The character development in this book is really good. Though there wasn’t much space, Darcy managed to show how the characters matured over the course of the book. In the end, they both finally did grow up.

I really liked this book. Though there isn’t anything really special about it, I guess its unique in the sense that it’s a sweet, clean romance. I don’t read many of these type of genre and I must say, I’m glad that I read this book. Not because I have to read it for the blog tour, but because I really enjoyed it. Definitely a recommended read.


this looks like a delightfully sweet romance..i love to read this type of book in between my heavier novels. Love your review.


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