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The Billionaire's Marriage Mission by Helen Brooks

Published: February 1st 2008
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Pages: 192
Finished Date: 06 November 2011

Blurb from Goodreads

Billionaires always get what they want! Travis Black might be darkly, broodingly handsome, but as far as Beth is concerned he's also very infuriating! What would a rich, successful and charming man like him want with a quiet, vulnerable and oh-so-ordinary woman like her? Travis soon makes that abundantly clear. However, Beth isn't into casual affairs--so this is one billionaire who won't get what he wants. Or will he?

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My Review

I really adored this book. Simply put, it was so sweet and it really showed how amazing love was. Throughout the book, I was touched by how much Travis loved Beth. Though it wasn’t specifically mentioned, the way he treated her showed me the depth of his love for her. And for some reason she just couldn’t feel it. But I’ll get into that later! Overall, I really enjoyed reading the book. Though some parts were a little slow here and there, I found that the good parts of the book made the entire reading experience an amazing one.

Let’s talk a little about the characters first! Travis is apparently a billionaire, though this isn’t really important. It was never actually mentioned. Which brings me to the point of the title. I think its so inappropriate! I mean, the book and the title has no link at all. Like zero. Travis is rich, yes, but I got the impression he wasn’t as rich as a billionaire. And he wasn’t explicitly chasing Beth for marriage. He loved her yes, and I’m sure he was hoping that she would fall in love with him and eventually marry him. But it wasn’t a mission at all, as the title stated! Haha I can’t think of any better title, just felt that this title was very … Misleading. Okay! Back to Travis:) I loved his character. He isn’t like other HP guys. They can be hot, aloof, cold, enigmatic, rich, doesn’t want a relationship, doesn’t trust women, super experienced… You get my point. But Travis was just about the opposite of that. He was sweet, kind, patient, helpful, had a great sense of humor, friendly, just about every girl’s dream guy! Not that I know so much about that! And he’s so freaking hot too! Especially during the car scene. OMG I was like dying when he was kinda expressing his love for her? Like when he said he was in love with a girl who didn’t necessarily feel the same way back. Heh, I kinda guessed that he was referring to her! A pity she didn’t see it!

Beth was an interesting character. I liked her from the start, her unwillingness to get so quick into another relationship and not wanting things to go too fast making me appreciate her kind of character. Its cos many times females are kinda quick to fall into another man’s arms after a bad relationship or sth, and the impact of the bad relationship not affecting them in the least. This way, its really more realistic and I can empathise with the character more! But somehow, as the book went on, I just couldn’t bring myself to like her anymore. I mean, its like she just kept pushing him away and I just couldn’t stand it. He loved her so damn much, but she just couldn’t see it, couldn’t feel it. She had a long enough time to get over her hurt. What he said to her was so true. She seriously had to stop self-pitying. She had to stop living in the past and live in the future. Needless to say, she did do that in the end!

Overall, the book was very well-written and it was very convincing and believable. I really enjoyed reading the book. Though the beginning bits of the book was rather slow and boring, the rest of the book more than made up for it! I loved it when they both finally confessed they loved each other. And what Beth did in the end made me admire her again. I mean, she had the courage to go see her ex husband, who was a complete jerk and douchebag . It’s kinda pretty amazing!

I remember my favorite part was the wedding. Nothing much was really said, but the thing that truly touched my heart was when the book mentioned about the look on Travis’ face as he looked at Beth walking down the aisle. I thought it had to be the most beautiful thing ever. I can just imagine it. All that love shining in his eyes, all that passion for her! Sigh, it really makes me want to be in love, for someone to look at me that way. Gah, I have to stop! Sorry I didn’t sleep the whole night, I’m kinda high right now!

So all in all this was a great book, and I really did love it! It just epitomized what love is all about and that really is what romance novels should be like.


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