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Top Ten Tuesday

So, this week I'm not going to be doing the Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the Broke and Bookish.

The reason is because this week is about the authors I would like to invite for my Thanksgiving dinner or something. You see, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Singapore, and hence, I have no idea what a dinner is like. Sure, I could just give my favorite authors but that brings me to another point. I don't actually know my favorite authors. As in, I don't know their personalities, I never see any of them present in the online world. So there's no way I could do an interesting Top Ten Tuesday post, which is why I just decided not to.

So, I'm sorry for not being responsible and not doing this meme even though I said I would do it every week! I promise I'll post next week! :D Besides, I simply love Top Ten Tuesday:P

Flame! :D


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