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Eye of Heaven by Michelle Reid

First Published: June 1988
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Pages: 188
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Finished Date: 14 November 2011

Blurb from Goodreads
She was gloriously happy -- too happy!

The initial encounter between Alec, an arrogant photographer, and Jessica, a fiery theater star, had sizzled with hostility. But in due time, the currents between them changed from antagonism to soul-searing love.

The magical, sun-filled days she shared with Alec gave Jessica a taste of heaven. Then, with heart-stopping abruptness. . . it all ended.

Alec's ex-wife, Tracy, had always retained a malevolent hold over him. Now, the woman was back in Alec's life. . . and with a weapon against which Jessica had no defense

My Rating

My Review

Ugh, why did the ending have to spoil it all? It was going so well! Ok not THAT well, but good enough that I could enjoy the book! And then here came the ending. Which was a complete let-down and made me dislike the book. The beginning was great and I really liked it! But after the conflict, I absolutely could not stand the book any longer.

So when I got into about the 2nd chapter of the book, I distinctly remember myself thinking: He's weird. So is she. And when I reached the end, my mind was made. They are weird people. I mean it. Gosh, I think he has no social skills at all. Unless he tries. If not, he reverts back to the very basics of the human nature. Primeval. Seriously, even I was appalled at his behaviour! He completely embarrassed her in public! Like his lack of control around her on their 2nd date. Gosh, I cringed for her! Its like he literally could not keep his hands off her and kept saying stuff! Haha it was just damn weird! I mean, I love it that the super controlled guy just can’t control himself around the girl he’s meant to be with. But seriously? So bad? It’s just kind of unbelievable.

But well, it was kinda funny though. I enjoyed the book , or at least the beginning parts. Let’s see. The beginning was addictive. It sucked me in rather quickly. The attraction between them was fiery right from the start and the sexual tension between them set the story pretty well. I did feel that their relationship moved a bit too fast too. Like, by the end of the second date, she moved into his house. But honestly, that really isn’t anything. Its not exactly important. I wanna talk about the ending actually.

Ok so until they had their quarrel, they were living very happily together. I actually enjoyed the time they spent together. It was really obvious they were so in love, yet neither was willing to admit it. I really wonder why. But when their quarrel came, the book just took a turn for the worse. The quarrel itself was reasonable, she was certainly right to have left him. Heh, when he told her something, I was so angry with him I literally slammed down the book. Really, that was just about the most jerkish thing I’ve seen a guy do when he’s in love. Like, literally, she did not do a single thing, but because of his stupid conscience, they quarrelled and she left him. But if was after the quarrel that I really could not stand the book.

Its like he was so insincere about his apology. I just didn’t get why she forgave him. Yes, she loved him, but I don’t see a proper reason for her to forgive him. Granted, she could have talked to him when he asked her to, but she was pissed so it was understandable though annoying. And later on, though he was really sweet to her when her sister went to the hospital, I still couldn’t see a valid reason for her to forgive him. Its like, he didn’t truly apologise. Actually, I really dunno how to say it. Its like, the last quarter of the book was just talking about that, and I was getting so bored reading it, cos I felt it was just filler paragraphs and a waste of time. I know I shouldn’t be so mean, but it’s the truth. When I finished the book, I felt this sense of dissatisfaction. I didn’t feel like the ending was good nor did it really wrap up the entire story.

All in all, I was rather disappointed with the book. I don’t think it’s the first time I’m reading Michelle Reid, but this just wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ve always heard good things about Ms. Reid, and thus I’m really disappointed. Especially its like the first bits of the book was good, its just that the end was a let-down, and that really affected my view of the whole book. Cos in my opinion, the ending is one of the most important parts in a book. Without a good ending, I am just unable to enjoy the book. Its really a pity too, as I did like the idea of the book. If only he was more sincere in apologising, and if she didn’t just like accept his “apology”, I think I would certainly have given a much better review and rating.

P.S. Sorry for this terrible review. I tried my best, but I just couldn’t write it well. I guess my best just isn’t enough! Oh well, I was really tired when I wrote this, and so forgive its disjointness.


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