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Oops, this is a bit late! So yeah, before starting, I wanna thank all those who visited my blog yesterday. I'm gonna reply all of your comments, I promise. But since I haven't had the opportunity to really do anything today, its gonna take a while more. Comments really brighten up my day so thanks so much you guys! Alright, let's begin with today's post.

Book Covers. How much do they affect your enjoyment of the book? Or rather, how much do they affect one wanting to pick up a book? I know it has certainly affected me, but not to the extent of some people. You see, I read mostly ebooks. I don't really care about the book covers one way or another. But recently, I've taken to looking and spazzing over awesome book covers. I can't really name any offhand, but sometimes, the cover just makes me want to read the book.

Take a look at this:

Just a small example of what I like in a book cover. It's simple, yet its so beautiful! My book dropped on the floor once. At first glance, I couldn't recognize it, but I was just so in love with the cover. Then I realised it was this book, one of my all time favorites. There was another book that when I saw the cover, I just knew I had to read it. It isn't that great, but something about it just grabbed me. Take a look.

Yes, I know, nothing really special. Alright, so I requested it from NetGalley. But I've yet to read it:( I know, major procrastinator... But sometimes book covers just grab me and make me have to read the book. I can't really explain it, but sometimes, based on a book cover you sometimes know when you have to read a book. For example, when I was browsing through books, I saw this: 

Instantly, I was hooked. I tried passing it over, but kept coming back to it over and over. At last, I gave in and picked up the book. And boy, when I read it, I didn't have a single regret. That was simply the most amazing book ever. And it did start my craze with JM, so who am I to complain? And before you ask, yes, most of my favorite books are written by JM. Don't get me started on her, I won't ever stop:) 

So yes, I don't want to keep this too long, and I do still have to reply to everyone's comments. To sum it all up, book covers can be important to me. I mean, sometimes, it just instantly grabs you and you just know you have to read the book. The cover doesn't have to be the most riveting ever, sometimes, just some small bit speaks to you and you don't have a choice but to pick up the book. And when you do, sometimes you never regret it. Or maybe that's just me! 

Do book covers affect your decision to pick up a book? I know some people are really crazy about them, to the point where it can make them go on a book-buying binge! I'm not like that, but who knows, if I had unlimited money, I could be! :D


I don't buy books because of their covers - it may push me a little to find out more about a book because I'm drawn to the cover, but it won't make the decision for me!


I do sometimes buy books based on the cover, although I also buy books based on the first page or the back cover blurb. Smitten is definitely one I would have picked up, though! So pretty!


I love book covers for the most part, and insist on trying to figure out how they were chosen once I have read the book. I don't like it when a movie comes out and the book cover gets changed to the actors/actresses. It just seems to lose something for me.


Great to meet another book lover!


I don't buy a book based on its cover, but the cover does influence whether or not I pull it off the shelf to read more about it. I enjoy thinking about other ways a cover to a book could be designed...

Looking forward to following your blog! You are quite the inspiration to many young readers and writers out there. Well done, Victoria!

Mandy @ The Chockboard


Stopping by from the A-Z challenge. I do find beautiful book covers hard to resist, but lately I've been reading e-books and don't really remember what the covers look like!


Book covers do affect whether I read a book or not... I mean they say not to judge a book by its cover... but I know I do sometimes at least. I hope you had an amazing Monday!

~Blog Hopping from A to A Challenge~


I know the covers affect me, but we each have such individual preferences, I think we have to go to good design and an attempt to graphically pull people into the story before they read a word. I just signed on to the A-Z challenge, nearly at the last minute, but I'm trying to visit every blog at least once.


To judge a book by it's cover... yep, I will do that... well sort of. A book cover can definitely pull me in. I think books covers and titles are the main hook. I have been known to buy more than one copy of a book just because the cover art is different.


The cover will get me to pick up the book and check out the back...but I won't buy a book based on it. I don't love ebooks as much because there usually isn't a cover or blurb and the "other books by" lists from paper books, I am missing covers a lot!!



Book covers certainly make a difference. I know of some great books that have such hideous covers that I wonder who designed them and then there are books with no substance but great covers.

Blog hopping from A-Z challenge.


I've definitely picked up books by their covers. It'd depend on the book's blurb if I bought it though. :-)


Hi there,

You know my decision of choosing a book depends a great deal on the cover. In 90% of cases I am not disappointed with the book, as for the rest, well, those designers did a great job! :)


I'm a big ereader as well, but lately I've been buying paper books, and I'm as much taken by the cover as I am by the blurb on the back. Actually the cover is usually what grabs me, that and the title! If it piques my interest enough, I'll flip it over to read the blurb on the back. Interesting . . .

Great post, and look forward to reading more of you on the A-Z challenge!


I jumped on the Challenge Bandwagon late myself. I adore book covers too - often the reason I may pick one up. Simple yes, draws you in to want to travel to another place - real or not.


A good book cover can definitely influence my decision to buy a book. Sometimes it's how I decide between getting an eBook or a paper book. If the cover's too pretty, I have to have a paper book.

M.J. Fifield
My Pet Blog


I don't buy books because of their covers, but a good book cover can pique my interest. I try to download books, now to save space.

Great post, look forward to reading the rest of your challenge!


covers are one of the things I miss with the kindle :)


I've always thought a book cover was of great importance.


Hey guys! Thanks for all of your wonderful comments, sorry this is so late, I haven't had the chance to get on the computer:( So let me begin replying all of your comments! :D

@Kat Balcombe: Yeah, that's precisely like me too! Except that I would have picked up the book because of the cover!

@Daisy: I know, I just felt something when I first saw the cover! If I had to buy it though, I may have reconsidered, because it is pretty expensive and I'm still a student.

@Andrea: Oh, that's cool. I never really thought of it that way! To me, covers are just covers to make the book pretty, I never actually knew how much work went into it and how it linked to the story. Wow, maybe I should try that!

@Carole: Yep, it sure is! :D

@Mandy: Awwwww you really lit up my day when I saw that comment! :D Thanks, I really hope I can do it! And that is exactly how the book cover influences me too! But given that I have absolutely no artistic talent at all, I just accept the cover as it is!

@Kelly: I know, it tends to happen to me when I'm reading e-books too! :P

@Monkey: That's interesting, well, I guess we all want to read a book that can appeal to all of our senses! :D

@Sharkbytes: Yeah, I agree! My friend loves a certain type of book covers, I think its those with models on it, but its just meh for me. I love those that are just simple and elegant (no bodice-rippers for me!). Oh wow, I should try and visit more blogs too! :D Make new friends along the way:)

@sallyallbright: WOW. That's really something. I wouldn't do it though, for me the content is what really matters! I can be hooked by the cover, but I certainly cannot buy more than one! I would rather buy other books with the money and read more! :P But I know of people who do that!

@lostinsidethecovers: That's true.. But yes, ebooks don't have that nice feel to it sometimes, does it?

@neer: Hey! If the book is good enough, I realise I don't even notice the covers!

@Sarah: That's a lot like me! :D There's just something that draws us to them, don't you think?

@Lena: HAHA that's kinda cute:) Well, it matters, but not as much for me! YES THE TITLE! That is precisely what matters most! Given that the first look at most books will be of the spine and title, the title is reallyyyy important! I'll be doing a post on titles in the future to talk about this!

@DonnaGalanti: Yes, it just gives you that sense of whoa, I wish this was real!

@M.J. Fifield: I'll just stare at the cover because sometimes, paperbacks are too expensive for me:( And the lack of space too!

@Crack You Whip: I get ebooks too, but there's just something about seeing a whole host of books in your bookshelf! Of course, when there isn't any space, it does get annoying! :(

@fab 40: Sigh, and what I miss about paperbacks! I read on my ipad/ipod, so I know how you feel!

@Wendy: It's important for me, but not too much!

So thanks guys for all the wonderful and sweet comments! I'll try to reply earlier next time, I'm really terrible:( But chances are, I'm in school when the comments come in and it gets difficult trying to reply them! But don't stop with the comments, I love them!


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