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H is for Historical Romance

Alright. So I know this is pretty late! But yes, let's get started! So yep, today, I'm gonna talk about my favorite genre, or rather, sub-genre. Historical romance. Romance itself is amazing, but historical romance tops the chart. At least for me.

Why, you may ask. Sure, contemporary romance is great! I love them too! But historical romance has a special magic to it. It's just so different. Maybe I should clarify. When I talk about historical romance, I generally mean regency era romance. Or rather the 1800s, but before major improvements in technology came about!

So yes, as to why I love them. There' just a certain magic reading about them. Maybe it's because we can't experience it, but that time period is just so special to me. Sure call me shallow, but I would certainly love a Season in London. Dancing in a ballroom, wearing beautiful dresses, flirting, falling in love. How could I, a hopeless romantic, not want to experience it? Many times, I moan and begrudge the fact that I simply can't be in that time period. Just once, I'd like to experience it.

I love reading historical romance. It just takes me back to a time when there's no stress. Sure, they had their own sets of problems, be it with social class, trying to conform, rights and all, but somehow I rather experience those problems. At least they're relevant to daily life. I'm not complaining about learning, rather I'm complaining about learning things we don't need in life! Though historical romances tend to gloss over the problems faced in those times, especially the social problems, I still want to be in that period.

Historical romances will always be my first love. I love any kind of romance but HR is irresistible. It's simply beautiful and if well written, like many authors that I've read can, it can take you on a whole new journey to a whole different world. A world you wish you could be part of. Or maybe that's just me. But still, doesn't the joy of reading come from the experience of a whole different world? And as well written as contemp romance are, they cannot take you into a different world for the simple reason that you're already living it. It's just not as good as romances make it out to be. And do not insult romances. Historical romance usually have substance to them. The heroines are no wilting flower - usually. Why not try reading one if you never have? Maybe you'll fall in love with it too!

Well, a wish of mine has always been to experience one night as a lady. Like attend a ball and all. I really hope it'll come true!

And I'm sorry, this post is super... dead. I have no idea why. Ok wait I know. It's 1am on Wed! I'm supposed to be posting J now and I'm only on H... Sigh:( going to sleep now, school in the morning! Goodnight!

So what do you think of historical romances? Are they more special than contemp romance in the sense that there's a certain magic to it? Are you in love with the time period, like me? Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Byee! :D


I also enjoy a good historical romance every now and then. Have you ever read M.M Kaye's The Far Pavilions? It's one of my all-time favorites! I talked about it as my "F" entry last week. :)


I haven't read any historical romance! gasp. I know. I HAVE read historical fiction though, so in the same sort of way, this is the same... but without the romance.
Anyway, after reading your blog, I might want to give this genre a go! Thanks for the insight. Greetings from a fellow A to Z'er!


Oh and hey, you're a book reviewer. I just published a middle grade fiction book called THE PUZZLE MASTER. Do you read any in this genre? Let me know. :)


I love historical romance. The Civil War period is my favorite.

Good luck with the rest of the challenge.



A favorite of mine, too. Nice post, and I love your blog. If you've the chance, pop over to mine. I am a published author of kids' books, and my Bella and Britt series has been fun to do.

Thanks for sharing!


I certainly used to be, Victoria. I loved any type of fiction, actually, and read my way through thousands of boks. I contemplated factual books with horror - but then I started writing and began to enjoy dictionaries 9i know, i know, sounds so sad) but these are more interesting sorts of dictionaries, like Brewers etc. And then to research my writing I read a lot of non-fiction, so now I like every sort of fiction AND a lot of non-fiction and I have no time left...! Good post.

My blog is about animals, endangered ones, if you'd like to come over, then i wil give you my A-Z address, as Blogger puts my shared one with other authors.


Hmm, it looks good! I'll have to give it a try:) One of my all-time favorites is Whitney, My Love by Judith Mcnaught! :D


Oh, I've never read any book from that time period! I should probably check it out! Any recs? :)

Thanks! You too:)


Thank you! I'll be sure to do so:D


Wow, dictionaries?! That's pretty damn cool! Wishing you all the best in your writing career:)


:o I really hope you do, and fall in love with the genre like me! :D


Aww no I don't usually read middle grade fiction:( The book does look real good though! If you want, I would love to feature you on my blog! :D


The very first genre I ever fell in love with were historical romance novels. I'd like to think I learned a lot about history that way. Haha! I don't really read them anymore, but I have such wonderful memories of curling up with the old masters like Rosemary Rogers. *sigh*

I'm a new follower via the A to Z. It's nice to meet you, Victoria!


Hi Victoria,
Nice to meet you. If you like Romantic texts, you may like to try to write short romantic fiction. At Romantic Friday Writers (founded and hosted by Denise Covey, L'Aussie)

We write 400 word (sometimes 600 word) texts to a theme, prompt or photo image. One of our members, Francine Howarth has written and published several historical romantic novels. Maybe this is something for you to take a look at?

Francine is in the A to z challenge. She has written about her childhood here:

Best wishes,
Anna's A-Z, the letter K


I don't usually read romance but I love all things history so may have to give a historical romance a try.

Thanks for sharing this and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)


Historical romances are definitely fun to read. For me, they can't be too overwhelming with the details, but just a nice mix of history/facts and story. If they start getting into exact numbers of buttons and such, they lose me. Great A-Z entry, and you have a new follower!


I love historical romance too! They're just so fun to read, especially when the setting involved major historical events.

I found your blog on the A to Z list. It's nice to meet a fellow historal romance lover. :-)


I am so romantic at heart that I won't read a superb romantic novel for my own good, or else I'll loose track of reality... Who will concentrate on studies then. LOL :D Nice post to push me a bit to the dreamy world (thumbs up! )

I am not a A to Z participant, but you can support my friend who is a part of it.Will be glad if you swing by her blog :) Here is the address:

Thank you! ;)


I enjoy historical fiction and historical romances. If I can find a book that has a modern person travelling back in time - I am set!

I found you on the A to Z list!


I have been posting much too late as well! My favorite genre is Historic Romance. I love history and romance so it only makes sense [to me.] I write non-fiction..for now. I am dreaming of the day when I can write my own historic fiction.
Good luck with the rest of the challenge:)


Hello from London! I'm originally from Malaysia, so that makes us neighbours! :)

I'm not much of a romance reader, but have been reading more of the genre lately. So far, though, I've not found any historical romances I enjoy. Especially the Regency era ones, they're all a little stuffy for me.

J.C. Martin
A to Z Blogger


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