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D is for Death

Ok. I know how late this is! Forgive me, I wasn't feeling well! Alright I'll keep this short then I'll go reply to all of your wonderful comments then I'll write my 'E' post! :D So, let's start!

Death. Its quite a serious word. But in keeping with my theme of books, it'll be about the death of characters in books. What do you think of it? Is it good? In my opinion, death is only good if the character is well-developed. I remember reading someone's comment about this before. I don't remember the exact words, but I believe the gist of it was talking about how the character had to be real to us for us to feel any impact when he/she dies. It isn't good if all we feel is a sense of relief or a "oh whatever" kinda attitude when a character dies. I've read several books that had death inside. Some were amazing and some were just bad. I know, it isn't nice to just judge like that. But let me justify that. I won't mention any book names though, it isn't nice that way.

I was reading this historical romance. It started off really good. But then came the love triangle. Of course, it was obvious who she was gonna choose. But, due to some weird twist of events, she didn't end up with the correct guy. And then in order to get her with the guy she should be with, the author just killed off the other guy. I felt it was just way too unrealistic. I mean, true love should always prevail right? And the circumstances of his death was just impossible. I mean, I highly doubt that such a thing would ever happen.

On the other hand, I have a read a couple of books where the death inside made the book amazingly powerful. One of them is a big favorite of mine. I won't mention it now, cos I don't want to create any spoilers but it'll probably be mentioned sometime later! :D So yes, the character was so strong, you didn't expect him to die. But when he did, right at the end, it created a crazy powerful ending which just touched my heart completely. You saw much of him during the course of the book, that when he died, you just couldn't reconcile it. I felt like I was right there in the basement with them, watching him die. And when he did, I cried with the characters. It was one of the saddest things that I had ever experienced in a book. I mean, it just seemed so real to me.

So yep, I better end here, before I get too long-winded! Time to reply to your wonderful comments haha:) So yes, do you like characters dying in books? I know I don't, not always. But sometimes, it is necessary, and if well-written, it can make an amazing ending. Sure, it would be a sad ending but who said endings always had to be sweet and happy?


You're right, it's important to have a well developed character die, otherwise it takes away from the impact of death. Off the top of my head, the deaths in the Harry Potter series affected me quite badly. Nice blog ! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.


Excellent perception and great post! I agree with you.

Btw, I hope you feel better soon!


@sujataravi6: Thanks! Yep, Dumbledore's death just left me completely shocked!

@cherie: Thanks, I am feeling much better, now I'm just left with a persistent cough that doesn't want to go away:(


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