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J is for.. the letter 'J'!

So. Today, let's do something a little different. Let's not have a word as the topic. Let's just use this letter, J. Somehow though, the letter J has been a big part of my life. It's really funny thinking about it. The more I think, the more I realise how much my life has consisted of the letter J.

Let's start with crushes. It'll be short, I promise. My friends keep teasing me that I have an obsession with J names. In a way, it's kinda true? I mean, the past 3 crushes I had all had J names. I have no idea why. I almost developed a crush on my friend who has a J name too. Seriously. I have no idea why. Ok this is kinda weird? Hehe let's move on.

I love J names to be honest! Especially guys' names. Don't ask me why, I just do! Let's give some examples. Hmm, what about Jordan, Jason, Jasper, and such? I know I know, they aren't anything really special. But! Somehow, they just seem special to me.

Even my favorite authors have the letter J in their names! Johanna Lindsey, Judith Mcnaught, Sabrina Jeffries, etc. It gets me thinking, why is my life so linked to the letter J? I don't like it much! But somehow, everything I do, it is related to that! It's kinda weird?

I sometimes think what if I actually end up with a guy who has a J name? Now, that would be freaky!

HAHA I'm so freaking retarded! Oh well, gotta rush off to church now, so I'll end this post here!

Ok I know, this was a bad post? Sorry:( I just can't write! And I know how late this is... I should be on.. M. :( Sigh... I'll post a few more a day from now on to catch up!

What's one letter that you seem to have an uncanny link with? Is there one, like me?


Too funny. My daughter's name starts with J. I've never dated anyone whose name starts with a J. I do love some authors with J. In their name. J. is before K. Oh and my sister's name starts with J. I have a fan crush on Jensen Ackles..hehehe. Ok now i feel retarded too!


J names are strong! Good luck catching up- I know you can do it! Just write a few lines for each post.
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One of my favourite authors also begins with a 'J'- Jasper Fforde!


I get what you're saying. I have a thing about the letter 'T'. Once I dreamed 'T' didn't exist any more and it made everything really strange.

Found your blog through the A to Z Challenge. Good luck with the rest of it :)


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