Always a Booklover

The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


I was thinking seriously about my blog last night. I was wondering whether should I continue to blog only about reviews, with the occasional blog tour thrown in. Then I realised if that was the case, I couldn't really call myself a book blogger, more like a book review blogger.

And thus, I've decided. Every now and then, I'll blog about books/reading. It won't be reviews or such, it could just be random stuff about books - why I like them, what I look for, etc. Basically stuff about books, not about A book.

Yep, so that's about what I wanted to say! Oh yes, and I think I'm gonna join the A-Z April blogging challenge.

Here's the link to it: A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Now, that's what I call a crazy challenge. Blogging everyday, not about book reviews, but about a certain theme that I'm allowed to decide. (As long as it's related to the letter for the day). And I'm gonna make it slightly more difficult in the sense that I'm only gonna blog about books, not about book reviews and stuff. That doesn't count.

Hehe, so I better get going to finish up my reviews! Been procrastinating for way too long.

At the same time, I'm a little nervous for Monday. I'm gonna be getting my posting results to my JC (Junior College - I guess you can consider it senior high?). Well, I really want to go to a certain school, but I don't make the cut-off point! Oh well, I'll just trust God and wait and see:)

Byeee! :D


Hey Vic! Have I asked you which JC you wanted to go? Lol, if I did, I forgot. So which one do you want to go into? VJ?


Hehe yup! :D but very difficult:( You too is it? I know your 2nd choice is TJ right? I don't remember your first choice though!


Yeah, I want V too! But you more possible.. Lol. Yeah, my second's T. You also right?


Hehe yup! I have a feeling we'll end up in the same school! You gonna appeal? And you going for science or arts?


I think I will leh. You? Let's appeal together!! Science, of course. My one arts subject pulled me down so bad, you think I want a repeat?? >:| haha. I wanna go V quite badly now, cause my neighbour's in there tooXD


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