Always a Booklover

The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


Comfort. Something that everyone needs. We find comfort in many things we do, for some it's reading (like me), for others it could be writing.

Sometimes, reading is so comforting. Do you ever feel like you are just so relaxed when you do what you like? That's the exact reason why I love to read. That escape from the world, to just forget everything and be immersed in a world where anything is possible is just so amazing.

But I think, the fact that we're all participating in this challenge is showing that we're willing to step out of our comfort zone. This isn't gonna be easy, but my fellow A-Zers, let's do this together! :)

This year I have really determined to step out of my comfort zone and do things a different way. 2013 shall be a year of change!

What do you like to do to feel comforted? And do you like stepping out of your comfort zone?

Oh and sorry for the late post! I fell asleep before managing to post this! And I just have no inspiration to write heh. Was reading through last year's challenge posts and I realised I wrote a lot better last time and then I got sad:/ haha yep so hope you like this post!


Hey, Victoria, I love comfort. Don't we all. Good Post


I like to have a peaceful setting for my comfort. Outside the comfort zone? I'm forced every day to do that. hate it! :)


I love to read, overcast days,(preferably raining) is perfect and brings comfort. But since I have no control over the weather, I will say, a nice soft throw, some hot tea w/milk, a good book or movie...yep, that brings me confort....

Do I like stepping out of the confort zone? Not really, probably about as much as anyone else....being out here is stepping out of my comfort zone (Believe it or not, I am actually quite shy, and introverted:O); but because there is such a wonderful community, I am becoming more comfortable, its becoming a new normal:)


I usually stay in my comfort zone but will step out of if something sounds intriguing. Comfort to me is reading, listening to music, watching movies and cuddling with my dog and cat.


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