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Heartbreak. The most painful of all emotions, but one everyone will go through eventually. No one likes heartbreaks, but it makes us stronger, shapes us, and teaches us the most valuable of lessons.

I always used to wonder what heartbreak was like. I wondered whether would it be as painful as how it looked like in books, or in movies, or even perhaps from what others said. I thought it would be fine, that yes, it would be painful, but not that bad. I was wrong. So so wrong.

I didn't expect it to be this way. Words can't accurately capture pain, its just not possible. But it hurts, it truly does. Yet in every way, this makes me stronger. Even through all this, I know that God is there. And that helps to take away some of the pain. But not all. Just a little bit.

Sometimes, the pain just freezes you in your tracks. It steals your breath, as the memories flash back. Bittersweet. I never understood that until I experienced heartbreak. Every memory is so sweet, but yet, so painful, now that you know it will never be.

Then again, as painful as this is, I would go through tenfold of it, if it meant I could take away his pain. And while I know that this will fade sooner or later, in one way or another, that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And I guess the most difficult part is smiling when all you want to do is to just cry.

Alright, a bit of an emo post here, but well, I was feeling emo. So sorry for the late post, I forgot:( Writing my I post now!


I have a secret for you, I am 49 years young. I think everyone my age has gone through heart break at least once. It truly sucks but sometimes you can learn something from it too.


Notice how most songs are about heartbreak?


Heartbreak is the biggest connection to emotion, and yes, one that we all experience and I agree with Teddy. A lesson to be learned. Everything in life happens for a reason, and it only happens to make us stronger. Another great post kid :)


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