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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


So yep, this post is late again. So sorry. I'm gonna write the P post right after this yeah!

O. This letter isn't easy to write about. I honestly have no clue what to write about. Actually, I'm just typing random words now, hoping for some inspiration to strike. Ok, let's get down to this.

Reading a book is like opening a door into a new world. When you throw open a door, at first you don't know what's going on. But slowly, things begin to register in your mind. You slowly start to see the entire room. And when you do, its so beautiful. Its similar to a book. When you open the book to the very first page, you have no idea what's going on. But slowly as you read more, as you immerse yourself into this new world, its such an amazing escape from reality. The reason I read is because of this escape. And that for a while, the world seems perfect. Problems seem like they can be solved and it tells me that true love can conquer all. Opening this door is sometimes a scary process too. Sometimes, my expectations are too high. I'm afraid that I'll get disappointed when I read. But I'm thankful that has hardly ever stopped me. If not, I might just have not discovered some of the most amazing books, stories and worlds out there.

And every time I think of this word, I think about the doors that God has opened in my life. In so many ways, He has blessed me. He has opened so many windows of opportunities for me. Every time I think about this, I feel blessed. Because it just shows me His love for me.

So yep, that's it for this O post. Thanks for visiting!


I love the worlds I visit, thanks to books!


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