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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


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Every time I open a book, there's always this question at the back of my head. Will this become a new favorite? Will this become one of the best books I've read? Many times, I'm disappointed, not because the book is poorly written, but because it just doesn't live up to my expectations. But the moment the book strikes that perfect note within you, the moment the book just is so fantastic, you're left speechless while reading it, the moment that you mentally give a standing ovation to the entire story, that moment makes reading worth it. That is the reason I read. When that spark happens, when you find that one perfect book, you will understand what I mean. I'm sure, many of us have read that sort of book before. The kind of book that just sticks with you, staying in your memory. And when you can simply call it, the best.
One problem however is that it's just so difficult to find another book to compare sometimes. Because my mind makes all those comparisons that can take away the qualities of another book.

Here are some of my favorite books that I've read. In no particular order,

1. The entire Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban. Amazing. Beyond amazing even. This is a series that I'll just read and I can't stop.

2. Anything written by Judith Mcnaught. Too many to put a picture but she's my all time favorite author. But the best are books like Whitney, My Love. 

3. The Double Helix series by Jade Kerrion. Amazing. I have no words. 

4. Am I honestly going to name the books I feel are the best? I think there's too many. Yes, I know that by its very definition, best should be only one. But when it comes to books, I just don't think so!

 What are some of the best books that you've read? Do they inspire you to read more? 


I don't know if I can choose best books. lol


I am a sucker for John Green, Chris Crutcher and Rainbow Rowell. If you haven't read any books by these authors, you are missing out! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Please come by We are pretty new and hoping you will like us enough to sign up!


I'll have to look into some of the titles you have suggested. These are unfamiliar to me, although I am a rabid reader.

Happy A-Z!


A story I can escape into is my new fav! It takes me out of my daily portal into a new world~ :D
Nice to meet you~


What a question! Best books I've ever read are so varied and all over the place... "He Whistles for the Cricket" by Gwen Walker is my all-time favorite book ever. Of course, "The Hobbit" and "Chronicles of Narnia" would have to be up there. "A Wrinkle in Time" introduced me to fantasy/sci-fi... for which I will be eternally grateful. And, let's see: anything by Albert Payson Terhune is near and dear to my heart, along with "Where the Red Fern Grows."

I'm also prone to be partial to anything that's Fantasy.

Happy A-Zing!


Just stopping by to say "hi" from the A-Z Challenge list :)

Great post honey, good luck with the rest of the challenge!



I'll have to check out the Cut and Run series. Best books are hard to choose. A couple of my favorites are The Help and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Carol's Notebook


The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen Carter. A mystery, DC Politics, academia, and a story which was a delight to read. Have read it twice.


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