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So, I haven't done a post about books in a bit. So this will be about books! Jealousy in books, to be more exact.

I love jealousy in books. Yes, too much can be annoying and make you feel like the characters are overbearing. But I just somehow feel that with jealousy in the picture, you can really begin to see how the characters start to fall for each other. The first step is always that irrational jealousy. It's quite cute and funny when I see how characters try to deny that jealousy actually.

Maybe it's because I can identify with them. I mean, I face that sense of irrational jealousy all the time. I guess it's pretty normal, especially when you're growing up. It does get annoying though, when that jealousy starts to erode trust.

But in books, when there's jealousy, there's possessiveness. And I just feel it to be so sweet when a couple is possessive of each other. Not possessive in the sense of trying to control whatever the other party is doing, but rather possessive as in saying that "that person's mine. Stay away!" Yep that kinda thing haha.

Do you like jealousy in books? Why/why not?

Sorry for the late post by the way! Been falling asleep:(


Jealousy adds to the plot. Very usable for that.


Jealousy MAKES the plot! So very true :) I love a good tension filled book, especially when it comes to jealousy. Great post kiddo!


Jealousy can make or break the plot. It all depends on how it's written and at what level. Great post!


Yes, I love the "he/she is mine" aspect! If not overdone, I think it can add to the story:)


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