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So, I have to admit. I completely forgot about this. Time just passed by so quickly and recent events just  made this slip my mind totally. Then I realised yesterday, oh no, tomorrow's the first, and I haven't even gotten remotely started on anything. I don't even have a theme. Last year, I didn't manage to complete the challenge. This year, I hope I will. And since I haven't actually stated my theme yet, my theme for this year will be about books. Of course, I think I want to throw in some of my own personal life here and there. Ok you know what? That sounds like I really don't have a theme. I guess books will be the main focus, in any case. I'll attempt to link everything I write to books! Alright, I've rambled long enough, time to really get started!

Theme of the challenge is books!
So, today's word of the day is Angst. Now, I have a small confession to make. I love love love angst in books. It rips my heart out, makes me want to cry, but without it, the book just isn't perfect. But what is it exactly? It is basically feelings of distress, of anxiety and of anguish. That anguish when two souls are ripped apart by the circumstances of this world tears right through me. But yet, it's all worth it in the end when I read about the HEA.

Every time I see books with angst inside, or at least from what the reviews say, I instantly move it up my TBR list. Personally, I prefer angst in adult romance. This is a very general statement, but in many YA romances, angst becomes very immature when its placed on the characters. And it makes the girl seem overly weak which I cannot stand.

But of course, in real life, let's leave out all of that emotion, shall we? It's painful, way too painful to think about. I rather life be happy, as unrealistic as that sounds. Yet another reason to show how books and life should stay separate. I don't think I would survive with the amount of angst that I sometimes read about. My heart literally aches for the characters, and they are not even real. Imagine if the same thing happens in real life. *shudders*

For you, what do you think of angst in books? Do you love it like me? I sure hope you do! Any recommendations for books with angst inside?


A good start - congratulations. My favorite books and movies are psychodramas, so I can relate to getting high on angst.

Hope to see you swing by My Rite of Passage; my first entry is AWARENESS.



I'm all for angst in a book unless it's overdone. There's nothing worse than getting to the eye-rolling stage :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

Jenny at Choice City Native


i love angst in books and not in life too!
angst sells books!
nice to meet you!


I love, love, love angst in books too. And a little bit of angst in real life is okay, but just a little. =)


Angst --- articulate opening for the A to Z!

Happy A to Z!
(I'm doing EIGHT blogs. Whew.)
Here's one:
A is for Absent - Rhymed Acrostics from A to Z


Good post!
Rare diseases and incurable conditions can give us angst, perhaps.

Like this one: A is for Ataxia-Telangiectasia All-Stars.

Go, A-Zers! We can do this thing!


Angst is a good word and especially in stories. Great start!


Great post. Me, I can't stand angst. Drives me up the wall. But I can appreciate that you do like it, and after reading your post I can understand better why.

Best of luck during A to Z. I'll be following during the month.


Oh Angst! Love it and hate it. As long as it's not over done or too dramatic, it really makes for a good read.


LOL - I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgets the day. :)


I agree with your, too bad it is unrealistic to get rid of Angst in real life! Love it in books though.


Totally understand the overdone part! It gets so annoying!


Wow, 8? I can't even keep up with 1, I can't imagine doing 8!


Yep I do agree! :) Adds some excitement to the book, I feel!


Psychodramas? Never checked out that genre before, maybe I have to!


It's just so addictive, isn't it? Hmm, yes I guess it would spice up life just a little! But yeah too much is just.. Bad.


Yep, that's for certain! And yes, we can:)


Thank you! It honestly just occurred to me out of the blue, given that I had not done even a bit of planning yet!


Haha, I always do that, which is why I have a huge problem with time management! Never can remember things until all of a sudden, its here!


True that its unrealistic! But one can always hope!


I do get how angst can really annoy people, it annoys me at times too! But I see it as a good annoyance because it shows the book can really impact me!


I too love Angst in books, that draws me in, to feel the tormented passion between the two characters, and their fight to be together etc're right, for me THAT makes a great tale. I pretty much like it in YA or Adult, but youre right, how its written means a world of difference, because I too admire strength in the heroines...anyway, very cool thanks for sharing!


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