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We all face our own form of mountains in our lives. Sure, they are difficult to get through, but the journey is always worth it. Some mountains seem so high and so hard to cross, but yet, we all have to face them in the end.

I've tried running away from my own mountains that I've faced in my life. Yes, it isn't a very long life, I mean, I'm only 18. But yet, through the process of running away and coming back to the very same mountain, is what has helped me to grow, especially with regards to my trust in God. As a girl raised in a Christian household, I have always been taught to trust in God. Of course, it was easier said than done. Yet, with all the mountains that seemed so big at that time, it truly helped me to trust in Him. Of course, these mountains must not seem very tall to many of you who have experienced much worse. But still, they are what have made me the person I am today.

Even if I had a choice, I wouldn't run away from these mountains. I would choose to face them bravely, face that unknown future with faith, hope and love. This year, I'm going to be facing some of the largest mountains I have ever faced, in terms of relationships, studies and more. I'm already going through a mountain that for the first time, I'm questioning if love is enough. Its a painful mountain, but I know it will teach me so much. This year, is my A levels. Here in Singapore, it means a lot. It basically determines what course you can take in university, and essentially is the start of my career. And for that reason, I won't be able to post as frequently! So yep, these are just 2 of the mountains I'm facing right now.

And every time I think of the word mountain, the song "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound Of Music just starts playing in my mind. I love that song, it truly is very inspiring. By the way, The Sound Of Music is one of my favorite movies! Captain Von Trapp omggg. Such a sexy actor and character;) hahaha ok:)

Do you dread the mountains in your life? And if you do, press on and one day, you will cross that mountain! :)


Hi, this is another mountain for you - sorry!! I have nominated you to receive the "Liebster Blog Award". All the details are on my award entry on my blog, "Reincarnated as a Writer"
Madeline xx


This post also put me in mind of a song, "Mountains" by Lonestar... the chorus goes, "The good Lord gave us mountains, so we could learn how to climb."

Beautiful post.


Whenever I am doing something that is hard, I think of "Climb Every Mountain" from the Sound of Music, as well!


My life is one continuous mountain. lol


It's easy for me to say "No, I don't dread my mountains" when I am not currently climbing any. I mean, I am, but not any that are truly horrible. I have climbed my fair share of bad ones in the past and don't miss them!


It is difficult to face those Mountains in life. I do appreciate this post, very inspiring, comes at a great time and I am sure speaks to all of us in a fashion:)


I agree. Mountains are a part of life. They may seem steep and difficult, but we are usually better people after having dealt with them.


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