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Keep Going On

It's easy to want to give up. It's normal, and something I experience everyday. Even in books, you see characters facing tremendous difficulties, heartbreaks, problems, and all they want to do is to give up. Yet, somehow, they never do. Somehow, they fight on, they survive. And it inspires me. I know its just fiction, and these characters don't even exist. Of course its easy to say not to give up, but its so so difficult. Yet, these are the characters that speak to me. I love reading about these strong-willed characters. They are willing to fight all the way for what they love and they simply never give up.

Keep going on even when its difficult. We all know that. But yet, somehow, its just so difficult. I mean, look at this post! It's already... A day late? And we're barely halfway into the challenge. I must admit, I have thought about pulling out of the challenge. But I told myself, 'I'm not giving up, I'm gonna do this!' And here I am, writing this post that is a day late. But this is how I'm just gonna keep going on, even in a small challenge like this.

But back to books! Going on when the going gets tough. Its just so amazing to read about these characters, even if they aren't real. Maybe its because of the faith that the characters show that just makes me want to have that same faith and just keep going on.

This year, I determined that it would be a year of change. I am going to keep on going. I'm not gonna give up, and it starts with this challenge! :)


There is something about the human condition that keeps most of us keep going, even against great odds. I see it animals as well.


Overcoming is what we do every day. It only makes sense when it applies to those in stories, too.


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