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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


We all have fantasies of our own. Who doesn't? We fantasize about all sorts of things, especially when you're around my age. I'm 18 this year, by the way. I dream a lot. I dream about my future, about falling in love, about all these things. I love these fantasies. Because while it may never happen, it helps me to think of a brighter future, and that keeps me happy.

As for fantasy in books, I really love this genre. Yet, I feel that fantasy must come with a good world building. Without good world building, the book will seem incomplete and it would feel weird. That's because you're thrown into a whole new world. It won't work without a good world building that describes the world to you, that makes you understand its rules. And maybe that's what is so difficult about writing fantasy. Building that world without being seen as throwing the world in people's faces or just giving a lot of info dumps. But some authors, are amazing at doing that. And when its successfully done, it makes the book that much more enjoyable to read.

Of course the plot is important, of course the characters are! But with a good world, I find myself lost in that world, that I start imagining, even if just for a while, that our world is just like that world, that it obeys those rules. Maybe not so much nowadays, because it really is time for me to outgrow my fantasies and start living properly, but it certainly was a big part of my life in the past. I'll talk more about it in my 'I' post! Imagination is that word there!

Do you like fantasy? Do you like fantasizing like me, maybe? :) Fantasizing is a huge part of my life. And its especially amazing when the fantasy comes to life, in one way or another. And somehow, even though it never turns out like how you imagined, it always is perfect, in its own special way. Especially falling in love. It is never the way you think it will be, but the way it happens, is just so amazing that you wouldn't rewrite those memories for anything else. Because that is what has happened to me. Which I might just talk about another time! :)


I do like Fantasy genres, but I have to be in the mood for them.


I use to read some fantsy as a child but rarely do now.


I do like the fantasy genre, though I occasionally wonder if it's misnamed. We all ought to spend five minutes (or more) a day more than we do practicing using our imagination to fantasize what might be. (ala Alice in Wonderland "I believe twelve impossible things before breakfast!")


I love fantasy. Most of my favorite books are fantasies and I like fantasizing in real life. Love, life, good food, fun places to travel -- it's all a great to imagine and escape the hard parts of life.


Oh, please don't every stop loving the Fantasies! Those most interesting people don't!



Fantasy genre is my favorite! It's both what I read and what I write, because I love it so much. You are correct, world-building is a vitally important cog in the wheel of fantasy/sci-fi writing. I used to hate the world-building aspect... technical stuff is so much more tedious for me. Thankfully, my husband LOVES the world-building stage (and he's fantastic at it), so he does a lot of that creation/brainstorming for/with me, and I get to spend more time on the story/characters.


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