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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


I love dystopian worlds. Every time I see a book marked with the genre of dystopian fiction, I instantly am attracted to it. Why? I really don't know. Maybe there's just something so attractive about the Earth being so different, so different from normal life. I'm someone that needs change/ I cannot stand seeing the same things, hearing the same rules, obeying the same things all the time. I need change. I guess the attraction from dystopian societies come from a whole different Earth. Its an Earth where the rules are changed, where society just doesn't function the same way anymore. And yes, I guess I'm just sick of it. I know I'm a bit young to be so disillusioned, but I truly cannot stand the way the world works at times.

What'r more. I love the way humans function in a dystopian society. When everything is changed, when it is turned around, you start seeing the different sides to humans. You see the strength of the human race, that resilience that have enabled us to live and thrive throughout the years. Yet, you also see the bad side. The cruelty of man, where they only look out for themselves.

I just love thinking of dystopian societies, of dystopian worlds. What do you think? Do you like them too?


Amen to that. Dystopian settings do a great job at putting our current world in a contrast that makes examination easier.

Great post.


I've never read one, might have seen a movie or two. Is Waterworld one?


Hmm.. Yes, I do believe so! I've never actually watched that movie though, only seen whatever they show us in the Universal Studios theme park!


I've never heard of this genre, but I will check it out, I tend to get stuck in a genre and stay there a while. I am just coming out of an almost year long reading binge of Swedish Mystery novels.


I really enjoy Dystopian too as long as ring true to me and not too far out there.


I believe I have the same as you, it is very alluring to think of a new world, different from our own, and at the same time, see humans still here, thriving and growing. Most of the times, the Dystopian worlds, appear a little more simpler,(I know not always, just in many I have read) I really could not have said it better than what you have stated. I also have found myself drawn as well in the more recent years to this type of story and now I am trying my hand at penning we'll see. Thanks for sharing!


This post caught my attention because of the familiar Cool Text image. I use those all the time. Speaking of Dystopia, it's not something I've ever really gotten into, but it isn't because I don't want to. It's on my large list of genres to read. Bummer is I read slow, but I think I would like it. The other one I tried for the first time last year was Steampunk.

This post is featured in my 1st recap post. Here's the link:


Honestly not sure if I like that genre or not. Haven't read enough. :)


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