Always a Booklover

The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


Our imagination is an amazing thing. Out of it comes the most amazing stories, the most beautiful dreams. I am so thankful for authors' imaginations. Without it, I wouldn't have the books that I love, without it, I would have not known the joys of reading. Of being immersed in another world, in another person's imagination. And that is beautiful.

I think having an imagination is one of the most amazing things ever. Everyone imagines something, even if its just a small dream. But imagination leads to dreams, dreams lead to hope, and hope carries us so far.

And when your dreams come true, when what you imagined takes flight, there is nothing that can be better. I like to think I have a rather good imagination. I won't say what I imagine about here, cos I honestly imagine too much. Sometimes, I'm too fanciful. But while I can imagine, I can't write it out in words. I will not even try and ruin the writing world. That is something I should not even attempt to break into. I've tried of course, but the words just don't flow in the way I want them to!

So yes, imagination. What do you think about it? Do you like it?


Yes, imagination is wonderful! It can at times be a bit of a let down as well though. For instance, you imagine a dessert will taste incredible but then you take that first bit and think, boy this is so not worth wating all of those calories for.


Imagination is pushed aside as we get older. We need to encourage it more. :)


Well, I'm a story-teller, so yes, of course I think imagination is awesome! :) One of my favorite quotes is the following: "Do not set small goals, for small goals do not stir the blood of a man's soul." (no idea who said it first, I've seen it attributed to several different people). I keep it near my computer, to remind me to dream big... and not just when I'm writing.


But for imagination, I wonder if our progress as a race (as in, the human...) would cease. More important than knowledge, ya know?


Imagination is so important! We need to encourage our kids to never out grow using their imaginations!
Peanut Butter and Whine


Well said! Imagination is beautiful and wonderful and is all the good stuff dreams are made of. And being able to get lost within someone else's imagination is just as fun, sometimes even moreso. It's funny that you mention you won't try breaking into the writing world because it seems to me you'd do an excellent job.

Have fun with a-z.


I LOVE imagination! Without it, we would not know what reading was :) Fantastic post.


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