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I know this post is late. But, I feel like being sad today. Don't ask, typical teenager hormones that get so annoying. But yeah, I wanted to write a bit. A little bit of what I would typically write about when I'm sad. Hmm. First time ever posting something like that for so many to see.

But could you understand? Could you know this pain inside of me? Feel the way I do? When all I want is to just break down and cry, to just give up or give in. How do I choose, how? You say you understand, but you don't, not really. Because how could anyone really understand? No one experiences pain the same way. But thank you for at least trying.

The one thing I do know though, is that only God truly understands. And that in itself, is the best thing I could ask for right now. Because even when I turn away, He understands. He understands the pain. The question is, why don't I trust? 

I know this is a very typical cry of teenagers. But sometimes, I wish people did understand and left me alone. Because some things, I have to go through alone. And of course, it sucks that the person who understands the most, just cannot be there in the way that I truly need.

I am so sorry, I just needed to write. Not addressed to anyone in particular though! 


Hoping you are feeling happier already! The great thing is, every day is a new day and we can start anew! Something I often have to tell myself and you know what! It's True!


To understand, one has to be have been there. Sadly, many have forgotten their own paths.


Unfortunately, I so remember being there. Age has helped me deal better with the ups and downs that life brings.


I understand, even at my age, I feel that way...sometimes simply a need to turn inwards and Upwards(according to your beliefs)...I also remember everything being even MORE intense when I was, work your way through, and just know every day is different:)


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