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Quiet... I'm reading!

Oops late post again! Slipped my mind, sorry!

For all those book lovers out there, how do you feel when you're interrupted from your book? For me, I get so so annoyed when someone interrupts me from reading. I require loads of self control to not snap at that person to be honest. Generally, I'll just try to ignore the person until they go away and leave me in peace to read.

But why do I need silence, for others to be quiet when I read? Maybe it's because when I'm reading, I'm off in another world, where for once, I can pretend that the worries of my life don't exist and I can just live that amazing life through the eyes of the characters. But the moment someone disturbs me, I'm shaken rudely out of that world. And once again, I have to remember all the things that I was trying to escape from through reading.

Do you get annoyed when people disturb you when you read? Or when you're doing things that you enjoy? Are you like me, and you need that peace and quiet to read? What do you do in that event? :)

Alright, on to my R post now! :)


I don't like my time with the world and people the book I am reading, transports me to, interrupted. I think that's one of the reason I am a night owl and read so late.


When I am really into the book an interruption can drive me nuts. Some books just "transport" me.


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