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Oops so this post is a day late. Sorry! Slipped my mind! Anyway, names. I think names in books are very important. It subconsciously determines whether I enjoy the book or not. Especially the hero's name. If it's a horrible name, I will just find myself unable to enjoy the book. In certain ways, it determines whether I can relate to the character.

Once, I recall reading a book with the hero named Peyton. I couldn't enjoy the book. Because every time I saw his name, I burst out in laughter. Quite horrible of me, I know but this is just one of my pet peeves.

What about you? Do you have a peeve about names too?


Considering all the time I spend naming my own characters... I honestly don't think that much about the names of characters in books I READ... unless it sounds too terribly similar to another author's character (see: Eragon/Aragorn).

Maybe it's because I don't actually sub-vocalize while I read, so I don't think about it too much. Or maybe it's just because I read a lot of fantasy, and the names are all practically unpronounceable anyway! haha


I do actually. In Stephen King's Under The Dome, the main character, a man, was called Barbie, and it took me awhile to accept him.


My pet peeve has to be when the character has no name at all, or in fantasy when there are too many apostrophes. I'd be quite happy to read a book with a Peyton in it, though. It's a little unusual, but it's also short and easy to pronounce.


Fewer things turn me off to a story faster, even just reading a synopsis, than seeing the writer tried to predate a naming trend. No, your historical character would NOT have a name like Ayden, Madison, or Braedon. No, your contemporary teen's mother would not be named Mackenzie or Kaitlyn. No, someone over the age of 10 would not have a name like Kayden or Taylee. No, a woman born in 1920 would not be named Ashley or Courtney. I wish more writers would at least look at naming trends and popularity charts, instead of deciding to use a recently-popular name on any old character.


I like names I can pronounce best. LOL!


The name is very important. I love unique ones.


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