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The magic of books just enchants me. I love reading, what more can I say?


I realised I'm a whole day behind with all my posts, oh no. This post is for V! I'll be writing my W post next!

So, visualizing. Do you find it difficult to visualize? If you ask me to think of a specific thing and just picture how it should look like, I couldn't do it. The image would never take form in my head, or at least, not the image that should be in there. I know, I'm horrible in it.

But yet, when it comes to books for some reason I can visualize the whole scene in my head. Which is weird because I normally can't visualize. Which is why I love it when an author gives me a good description of a scene but not overly done, showing instead of telling. That's the kind of scenes I like the most.

Haha fell asleep before I could post this. I still have a W post to write! Then I have to prepare for the X post!


I'm the same way! I have a hard time picturing objects, or visualizing something someone is describing (I'm a very visual person).

But a scene I'm writing? My characters? Whole worlds I'm building? Easy-peasy!

I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because it's our own imagination running free...


I have a pretty fertile imagination, so I don't have that problem.


Some things are hard to visualize. When I read a science fiction book, I really struggle. It is too foreign for me.


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